404 Game Re:Set Reveals Galaxy Force, Daytona USA, and Ridge Racer characters

On June 28th 2023, Sega hosted a live streaming event on their official YouTube channel to update players on the future kf their new gacha game 404 Game Re:Set. During the show, the publisher announced that they will launch a new Ridge Racer x Daytona USA scenario event, starring the Sega franchises of the same name. The event is slated to begin on July 29th 2023.

In addition to adding this new event, the publisher announced that a playable character (referred to in-game as a Cast) and figurine shall be added to the gacha. The new Cast will be Ridge Racer (Anode) and the new figurine will be the F/A Racing Car from the Namco arcade game of the same name.

Art of the new Cast: Ridge Racer (Anode), voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa. Ridge Racer will be a Green-color Attacker unit with a Burst Skill that will deal damage to enemies in a horizontal area. She will recieve a rate-up gacha banner tommorow after maintenance.

Art of the new Cast: Daytona USA (Cathode), voiced by Hikasa Yoko. Daytona USA will be a Red-color Supporter unit with a support Burst Skill that will buff the rest of your party. This version of her will be given away as a welfare unit to all players who play through the event.

Daytona USA will feature as the boss character of the upcoming event, meaning that there will be several Daytona USA remixes similar to the previous Fatal Fury and Virtua Fighter events.

Additionally, it was revealed that a new Cast based off the arcade game Galaxy Force will be added to the game at an unknown point in mid July.


Sega announced several other future updates during the stream for the 404 Game Re:Set. Coming in the future they will implement:

  • The next monthly Guild war
  • Quality of life changes for the pvp and accessory menus
  • Balancing changes to the game’s bosses

Next Guild War date announced

The next monthly Guild War for 404 Game Re:Set will begin on July 14th 2023 and end on July 21st 2023.

QOL Changes

The following changes will be made to 404 Game Re:Set in upcoming updates to improve the experience for players.

  • The ability to do a 10 pull in the gacha with summon tickets
  • The ability to display arena ranking rewards from the PVP menu
  • login stamina pack improvement
  • accessory sorting, filter, upgrading improvement
  • increased accessory backpack slot by 199, expansion using gem possible up to max of 999 slots

PC Port Announcment

During the livestream Sega announced that the game would be receiving a PC port in the future, with data from the mobile version being transferable, allowing players to experience this game on a larger screen

Music Availability

During the livestream Sega revealed that the soundtrack of 404 Game Re:Set will be coming to platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. Allowing players to experience these amazing arcade soundtrack remixes without having to boot up the game.


Several trailers for the upcoming Ridge Racer x Daytona USA event were shown during the livestream and then uploaded to Sega’s YouTube channel afterward

Event Trailer
Ridge Racer character trailer


404 Game Re:Set was initially announced on February 10th of 2023. The game’s premise involves Sega taking over the world via the power of Casts, personified versions of classic arcade games. The game sees players taking control of the good personification of arcade games (known as Anodes) as well as the evil personification of arcade games (known as Cathodes)

The game officially launched on April 25th of 2023 with the first five chapters being immediately available.

On April 27th 2023 Sega announced that the game’s first event, focused on Virtua Fighter, would begin on April 28th

On May 8th, 2023, Sega publicly announced that the game received over 1.5 million downloads

On May 10th the game added the Development Team Colosseum for players to fight raid bosses together as well as introduced Darius (Anode)

On May 31st the game began its first collaboration event with the game company SNK, adding Fatal Fury to the game

On June 1st, the game began a month long campaign to celebrate Sega’s 63rd anniversary


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