A never before seen revolutionary idea that is sure to change the world. A pop culture blog. Us seven consumers of media have decided not only that we have something remotely interesting to say about said media, but that we have enough interesting things to say that it requires an entire blog. Some might call that egotism. We call it having too much time on our hands. 

The Team:

Luke – Aspiring screenwriter. Loves movies and his cat, and enjoys long walks on the beach. Might have seen more foreign movies than you.

Skeith  Plays obscure video games and watches obscure anime and loves to talk about them.

Jre Best – Yes, that is his real last name. Comic and wrestling know it all with a penchant for 90’s movie sarcasm and ironic(?) self-aggrandizement.

Guthrie AKA “DK” – A student from California that likes Manga, foreign comics, old games, and indie games. No relation to Donkey Kong.

Naa AKA Luna – Professional incoherent rambler. Likes video games like Touhou and the Mother franchise.

Victiny – Tough guy who doesn’t play by the rules and is about kicking ass and taking names. Nah, I just like video games dude.

Sailor – The Comedic Relief. Likes things that are good. Dislikes things that are bad.

Books? Movies? TV? Anime? Nothing’s off limits. 

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