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Chronologically Lost Review: A Unique Way of Watching a Classic Show

Is the show still worth watching outside of its intended order?

Fate/Grand Order Introduces a Culturally Insensitive Wandjina Character

Fate/Grand Order’s Newest Event Antagonist is Culturally Insensitive

404 Game Re:Set Announces Pac-Man and Puyo Puyo Girls

Official Pac-Man anime girl revealed for 404 Game Re:Set

404 Game Re:Set Announces Chaos Cloud Event, Adds Zaxxon Character

On August 22th 2023, the official Twitter account for Sega and Yoko Taro’s 404 Game Reset announced a new patch for the game that will add several quality of life features and fix some issues with the game. The upcoming patch will increase player’s level cap from lvl 89 to lvl 92, this increased level…

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Review: Nearly Perfect

Does Team Reptile’s long awaited platformer live up to the hype?


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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you plan on continung your Atelier retrospective. I was looking forward to that!

    1. Yes, I should have made an announcement on the site as opposed to just the Twitter. I do plan to continue the Atelier Retrospective sometime. It’s jsut the some real life stuff has been going on so playimg a lot of similar games in a row was not good for my mental state, but I shall eventually continue it

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