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Why Servant Summer Camp is the Greatest Fate/Grand Order Event

When you are asked the question “What is the most fun you had with Fate/Grand Order?” You may have to sit and think for a while. The current state of Type Moon and Lasengle’s game is one where nearly every servant is capable of looping through stages in three rounds. Which has made the gameplay…

404 Game Re:Set Begins Campaign To Celebrate Sega’s 63rd Anniversary

Yoko Yaro gacha game to celebrate Sega’s 63rd anniversary

404 Game Re:Set Announces Fatal Fury Collaboration Event

On March 25th, 2023, Sega hosted a live streaming event on their official YouTube channel to update players on the future of their new gacha game 404 Game Re:Set. During the show, the publisher announced that they would launch a new collaboration scenario event, starring the Fatal Fury franchise titled “Flame of Fate, Wind of…

404 Game Re:Set Announces Chaos Cloud Event, Adds Pocky and Rocky Character

On May 18th, 2022, the official Twitter account for Sega’s 404 Game Re:Set account announced that a new “Cloud Event” would be starting on Friday, May 19th.In addition to adding this new event, the publisher announced that a new playable character (referred to in-game as a Cast) and figurine shall be added to the gacha.…

How to Unlock 404 Game Re:Set’s Hidden Ribbon Run Minigame

Late last month, Sega released their Yoko Taro helmed gacha game 404 Game Re:Set, me and many other players have been having a fun time with the game but there is a constant question we are asked but new players “What is this Ribbon Run thing you keep talking about” Well, dear readers, it turns…

An Analysis of ‘Clark’ from Barry

“Forgiveness has to be earned”


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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you plan on continung your Atelier retrospective. I was looking forward to that!

    1. Yes, I should have made an announcement on the site as opposed to just the Twitter. I do plan to continue the Atelier Retrospective sometime. It’s jsut the some real life stuff has been going on so playimg a lot of similar games in a row was not good for my mental state, but I shall eventually continue it

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