404 Game Re:Set Announces Fatal Fury Collaboration Event

On March 25th, 2023, Sega hosted a live streaming event on their official YouTube channel to update players on the future of their new gacha game 404 Game Re:Set. During the show, the publisher announced that they would launch a new collaboration scenario event, starring the Fatal Fury franchise titled “Flame of Fate, Wind of Vengeance”. The event is slated to begin on May 30th, 2023.

In addition to adding this new event, the publisher announced that a new playable character (referred to in-game as a Cast) and figurine shall be added to the gacha. The new Cast will be Fatal Fury (Cathode) and the new figurine will be Andy Bogard from the SNK arcade game of the same name.

Art of the new Cast: Fatal Fury (Cathode), voiced by Ayane Sakura. Fatal Fury (Cathode) will be a purple-color Tank unit with a counter-type Burst Skill.

The livestream also gave us a preview of Fatal Fury’s morally good Anode version, seen below. The Anode version of her is based off Terry Bogard and will be given away as a welfare unit to all players who play through the event


Sega announced during the stream the future for the 1.1 version of 404 Game Re:Set. Coming in the future, they will implement

  • 1.A new mode to the Developer’s Arena
  • 2. The 6th main story chapter will be released
  • 3. Quality of life changes
  • 4. Balancing changes to the game’s Casts

Representative Developer Arena

The new Arena mode announced during the livestream will allow players to fight each other with nearly all their current Casts as you will be able to select three entire teams to fight against your opponent’s. The ranking system of their mode will be entirely separate from the normal Development Arena rankings and will have its own set of rewards for ranking high. In this mode, if you defeat an opponent who is a higher rank than you, you will swap places in the ranking with that opponent

Main Story Chapter 6 Details

During the stream, it was announced that the main villain of Chapter 6 will be the Cathode version of the Taito arcade game Arkanoid. Released below is a summary of how that chapter will begin.

The story chapter is slated to be released during the month of June, alongside it a new Development Arena Event will occur. The design of Arkanoid (Cathode) as well as her voice actor Minami Tanaka was revealed during the stream.

Balance Changes

During the stream, Sega gave fans of 404 Game Re:Set a preview of upcoming balance changes to the game. These changes include.

  • 1.Reducing the frequency of game crashes
  • 2. Reducing the difficulty of the 3-10 and 4-5 bosses
  • 3. Changes to upcoming Cloud and Chaos Cloud Events
  • 4. More easily obtainable gacha currency

Sega Foundation Day Memorial Campaign

To celebrate the founding of Sega as a company, 404 Game Re:Set will be having a rewards campaign, which will include

  • Daily Missions
  • Special Research Rewards
  • Bingo Missions

These Missions will give players rewards in order to upgrade classic Sega Casts such as Thunder Blade, House of the Dead, and Virtua Racing


404 Game Re:Set was initially announced on February 10th of 2023. The game’s premise involves Sega taking over the world via the power of Casts, personified versions of classic arcade games. The game sees players taking control of the good personification of arcade games (known as Anodes) as well as the evil personification of arcade games (known as Cathodes)

The game officially launched on April 25th of 2023 with the first five chapters being immediately available.

On April 27th 2023 Sega announced that the game’s first event, focused on Virtua Fighter, would begin on April 28th

On May 8th, 2023, Sega publicly announced that the game received over 1.5 million downloads

On May 10th the game added the Development Team Colosseum for players to fight raid bosses together as well as introduced Darius (Anode)


404 Game Re:Set official website https://errorgamereset.sega.com/


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