Saber vs Illya: Which Fate girl Is In More Games?

The answer will surprise you

What happened to DokeV?

Do you all know about DokeV? I'm willing to bet that a lot of you haven't even heard of it. It's an Open-World, Action-Adventure game about catching creatures similar to Pokemon being developed by Korean game studio Pearl Abyss. The game is also allegedly going to have various multiplayer mechanics so that you can play… Continue reading What happened to DokeV?

A Post-Mortem Review of Sakura KakumeiĀ 

A few months ago on April 22nd it was announced that the mobile game spinoff of Sega's Sakura Wars series, "Sakura Kakumei" would be shut down. Once this shutdown was announced there were many rumors spreading around the web, ranging from anonymous sources talking about how Hideo Baba was secretly working on the game and… Continue reading A Post-Mortem Review of Sakura KakumeiĀ