A Deep Dive Look into Fishing Minigames

A thorough look at gaming's greatest tradition

A list of Video Game Heardles

For the past month the internet has been loving Heardle, a music based variation on Wordle. The rules are simple, you are given the first second of a song and need to identify it. You get 5 guesses and with each guess you get wrong you are given another second of the song. It's an… Continue reading A list of Video Game Heardles

Top Sweets in Video Games

     The season is upon us! This time we will look at my personal top ten favorite sweets as seen in video games. Not all of them are from halloween inspired games though imagining each of these on a single buffet table would be something else. The thumbnail is unrelated I assure you,  As the classically… Continue reading Top Sweets in Video Games

The Redemption of a Fake Mario Fan

3D Mario games have become some of the most beloved 3D platformer games of all time, with their unique level design and more recently their fantastic soundtracks. I am no exception, having played Super Mario Sunshine extensively on my Gamecube during the time my age was in the single digits. Later on I had played… Continue reading The Redemption of a Fake Mario Fan