An Analysis of ‘Clark’ from Barry

"Forgiveness has to be earned"

Barry Berkman’s Moral decline

For a long time now I have just sat around while my friends talked about Bill Hader's Barry. The show seemed to have popped out of nowhere and everyone claimed to have seen it. I thought I was being pranked! A month ago however, I finally took the jump and began to watch Barry. They… Continue reading Barry Berkman’s Moral decline

Adulthood Made Simple: A ‘Close Enough’ Review

As a lonely college sophomore, I didn't have much to occupy my time aside from hours of Overwatch and my Doritos-greased controller  and the occasional evening walk to have the illusion of productivity. Because I lived alone, I certainly needed to find ways to occupy my time. On my evening routine of finding something on… Continue reading Adulthood Made Simple: A ‘Close Enough’ Review