‘First Slam Dunk’ Reinvents the Game

Takehiko Inoue’s The First Slam Dunk is a tale as old as time: a high school basketball team full of misfits try to overcome each other’s differences and their own personal demons as they prepare for a game against an undefeated team. This is certainly a story that Inoue himself has told at length through… Continue reading ‘First Slam Dunk’ Reinvents the Game

Make a Musou: Mortal Kombat

 Hello everyone, and welcome to another addition to StoryArc's Make a Musou series! While our friendly writer Skeith is usually in charge of this series, considering she knows way more about Dynasty Warriors and the Musou genre than I ever will, I stepped in to make this list for a special occasion. This year marks… Continue reading Make a Musou: Mortal Kombat

‘John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum’: Descending Action

From the first movie with solid action and sophisticated character motivations in order to become a cult classic, to the sequel that sacrificed story for the single-handedly best and most vibrant gunfighting ever caught on film, we’ve now reached the third film, John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum that seeks to be the culmination of all… Continue reading ‘John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum’: Descending Action

John Wick: Chapter 2 – Perfecting Action

2014’s John Wick didn’t just set the bar for action cinema; it WAS the bar. On top of being shoot-em-up excellence, John Wick had the added bonus of being an emotionally-complex drama, bringing the generic action-revenge flick down to its knees with a character-focused story about a retired hitman avenging the brutal slaying of his… Continue reading John Wick: Chapter 2 – Perfecting Action

John Wick: Redefining Action

(Note: Welcome to the first part of this John Wick-centered series where every week I'll take a look at a new piece of John Wick media in preparation for the much-anticipated Chapter 4. Every Wednesday this month, I'll have a new retrospective on John Wick, including the movies and the 2019 video game. So, basically,… Continue reading John Wick: Redefining Action

‘Skinamarink’: New Era of Nightmares

You watch enough horror movies and it becomes increasingly difficult to be scared or disturbed. After all, this is coming from the same writer who didn’t even flinch at torture porn such as Martyrs, or finds the current output of horror films to be tame and generic or just fun popcorn cinema at best. Indeed,… Continue reading ‘Skinamarink’: New Era of Nightmares

Best Movies of 2022

What can be said about 2022? Well, lots, actually, because this was a damn fine year for movies. Not to repeat myself, but every year is a great year for movies if you know where to look; in fact, 2022 was the best year we’ve had for movies since before a certain world-altering pandemic. We’ve… Continue reading Best Movies of 2022

‘Avatar: Way of Water’ – Beautifully Flawed

Much like its predecessor, Avatar: The Way of Water will be the subject of long-running debate and criticism. Some will see it as a true-to-form cinematic marvel in a time when original stories in Hollywood seem far-fetched; others will look past the stunning and lifelike imagery to bring down the movie’s characters and story For… Continue reading ‘Avatar: Way of Water’ – Beautifully Flawed

The Game Awards: Hypocrisy and Contempt for Gaming

With the razzle-dazzle of The Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys becoming more of a poison with each and every subsequent year, it’s only natural we have yet another show to parody more of the entertainment industry with video gaming. With awards shows that regularly celebrate and reinforce the worst and darkest aspects and traditions of the… Continue reading The Game Awards: Hypocrisy and Contempt for Gaming

All ‘V/H/S’ Segments, Ranked and Reviewed

It’s safe to say there’s no horror franchise much like V/H/S. Sure, found footage was exploding in popularity by the time the first film came out, but as the subgenre began to fade into obscurity, V/H/S lived on, constantly trying to one-up itself and push the boundaries of what found-footage has to offer. It’s a… Continue reading All ‘V/H/S’ Segments, Ranked and Reviewed

The Dark Perfection of Arkham Knight

Full Spoilers for Batman: Arkham Knight inbound… Batman: Arkham Knight is the pinnacle of Batman video games; which is no doubt a huge thing to say, considering development studio Rocksteady Studios has worked themselves up from a nothing studio to the creators of one of the most prolific IPs of the past couple console generations.… Continue reading The Dark Perfection of Arkham Knight

Idle Gaming: Cookie Clicker, FarmVille, and the Art of Time Wasting

Video games come in so many shapes and forms that it’s honestly a bit hard to keep track of. It’s an overwhelming medium that takes ruthless time and energy to commit to. Fortunately, though, there are just so many different kinds of video games that everyone on the planet is bound to be drawn to… Continue reading Idle Gaming: Cookie Clicker, FarmVille, and the Art of Time Wasting

All Weezer Covers, Ranked & Reviewed

Weezer needs no introduction, they’ve only been tuning and flexing their craft since their sucker punch of a debut album, 1994’s Blue Album. Blue Album was one of the defining records of the 90s, a sublime mix of alternative rock and grunge to create a bittersweet album of electrifying riffs and heartfelt lyrics. The band… Continue reading All Weezer Covers, Ranked & Reviewed

Shadow Warrior 3: Almost Perfect

Despite the currently middling reviews and overall lackluster reception the game has received thus far, let it be known that Shadow Warrior 3 will fondly be looked back at as the best first-person shooter game of the year, if not one of the best first-person shooter games of this generation. This seems like quite a… Continue reading Shadow Warrior 3: Almost Perfect

The Oscars’ Dilemma

There was a time The Oscars meant something. Beneath the sparkling champagne, extravagant fashion, performative bravado, and glamorous self-importance, there was also an identifiable love of movies and celebration of the industry that was impossible to ignore. Bob Hope hosted The Oscars with a record-breaking nineteen appearances; he was controversial and daring, but displayed it… Continue reading The Oscars’ Dilemma