404 Game Re:Set Announces Elevator Action, Bonanza Bros, Shinobi, and Legend of Kage Girls

On September 26th 2023, Sega hosted a live streaming event on their official YouTube channel to update players on the future of their current gacha game 404 Game Re:Set, a game about anime girl versions of arcade games that fight against the dictatorship of Sega. During the show, the publisher laid out their October plans for the game, including details on the game’s six month anniversary.

The big announcement of the stream of course, was confirmation on what the game’s next event and characters would be. This October, players will be able to experience a tale about the super serious spy known as Elevator Action and his clumsy sidekick Bonanza Bros.

Artwork of the Cathode version of Elevator Action (Voiced by: Itou Shizuka)

The morally evil Cathode version of Elevator Action will be added to the gacha as a three star character with her. However, players who clear the event will receive a free copy of her as a welfare unit.

Elevator Action (Cathode) will be a red colored attacker-type unit whose Burst Skill will automatically attack the opponent with the highest attack power and inflict a new status effect known as “burn” to them.

A trailer featuring her art and a showcase of her Burst Skill was upload to Sega’s official Youtube channel after the stream.

Artwork of the Anode version of Bonanza Bros (Voiced by: Kondou Reina)

The morally good Anode version of Bonanza Bros is a Red colored Tank-type unit who specializes in recovering the BP gauges off all allied on the field as well as cleansing them of status ailments.

Bonanza Bros (Anode) will feature as the main opponent of the upcoming R.A.I.S. campaign, a score attack mode where players attempt to deal as much damage as possible within a three minute time limit.

A trailer for Bonanza Bros (Anode) was uploaded to Sega’s official Youtube channel soon after the Stream.

In addition to these new playable characters (referred to in-game as a cast), twk new figurines will be added to the game’s gacha. These figurines will be of the characters Guard Man from Elevator Action and Robo from Bonanza Bros. Equipping them to your characters will offer various stat and skill bonuses.

The Elevator Action x Bonanza Bros collaboration event will begin immediately after the current Pac-Man event ends on September 29th, 2023, after maintenance.

A trailer showcasing the plot of the Pac-Man collaboration event was uploaded to YouTube after the Stream.

Legend of Kage x Shinobi Event

After all the details for the Elevator Action x Bonanza Bros Event were revealed, a sneak preview for the next 404 Game Re:Set event was shown: Legend of Kage x Shinobi. This event will pair together both Taito and Sega’s famous arcade series about ninjas for some stealthy action.

No details on the Shinobi and Legend of Kage girls were revealed during the stream, nor was a date for the event announced. A trailer for this upcoming event was showcased during the livestream, however it was not uploaded to Sega’s youtube channel after the stream.

Other October Casts

During the Stream, Sega showed off some of the other Casts that would be added to the game from mid to late October. These new Casts will be the morally good Anode versions of Galaxy Force and Virtua Cop. Both of their evil Cathode versions were added to the game in previous months. No details have currently been revealed about what types of units they are or their Burst Skills.

Quality of Life Changes

Like in all previous 404 Game Re:Set streams, the dev team announced a plethora of quality of life changes to increase player’s enjoyment of the game. The first of these announcements was that the game’s lvl cap would be increased from lvl 96 to lvl 98.

The long awaited hard mode subquests for chapter 8 were also announced and will be added to the game in an upcoming patch.

It was also announced that the reward for three starring the game’s quests will be increased from 5 gems to 30 gems. All players who have already cleared these quests will receive all gems they are owed in their present box.

In addition to all of this, the rewards for the game’s PvP mode, CEO Arena, will be reset. Allowing players to obtain even more gems in this mode.

Half Anniversary Festival

With 404 Game Re:Set quickly approaching its 6th month anniversary, the game devs have confirmed that there will be some sort of in-game event to celebrate this. One of the first rewards of this festival will be a log in bonus for players who can log in for 6 days in a row. If you log in consistently during this time period you will be rewarded 1,500 gems. Enough to make a ten pull.

However that free ten pull may pale in comparison to the next reward as all players will be able to make 202 free gacha pulls during the sixth anniversary campaign. No details have been revealed yet about which Casts will be avaiable during this campaign banner.

In addition to this, a new method of upgrading your Casts and figurines will be added to the game during the half anniversary festival: Upgrading Protocol. Upgrading Protocol is a skill tree system where players will be able to grind event material to increase their Casts and figurines stats to make them even more useful in battle than they already are.

The first part of the Half Anniversary Festival for 404 Game Re:Set will be on October 12, 2023 and will conclude on October 23, 2023. The second part will then begin immediately on October 23, 2023.


404 Game Re:Set was initially announced on February 10th of 2023. The game’s premise involves Sega taking over the world via the power of Casts, personified versions of classic arcade games. The game sees players taking control of the good personification of arcade games (known as Anodes) as well as the evil personification of arcade games (known as Cathodes)

The game officially launched on April 25th of 2023 with the first five chapters being immediately available.

On April 27th 2023 Sega announced that the game’s first event, focused on Virtua Fighter, would begin on April 28th

On May 8th, 2023, Sega publicly announced that the game received over 1.5 million downloads

On May 10th the game added the Development Team Colosseum for players to fight raid bosses together as well as introduced Darius (Anode)

On May 31st the game began its first collaboration event with the game company SNK, adding Fatal Fury to the game

On June 1st, the game began a month long campaign to celebrate Sega’s 63rd anniversary

On June 28th the game had a livestream to reveal its Daytona USA x Ridge Racer event as well as reveal its PC Port

On July 22, the game was released on PC and the Cathode version of Bandai Bamco’s Mappy was added to the game

On July 28th the game announced it would he having a Street Fighter II collaboration event

On August 29th, the game announced it would be having a Pac-Man event and would add Puyo Puyo as the next main story villain


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