Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: How to Unlock Mesh

Team Reptiles’s Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a fantastic game that gives the player a lot of customization freedom ranging from what type of graffiti they tag the city with to what costume their character wears. One bit of freedom that most players likely missed though was the myriad of hidden unlockable characters.

Scattered throughout the world of New Amsterdam are many aspiring writers and teens who want to make their mark in the world. You just need to complete a few sidequests to get them to join your crew. Some of these characters can be found at any time while others will not appear until the post-game.

The character in this guide, Mesh, can be found dancing alone at the top of the Brink Terminal. If you are confused as to where this is, during chapter 4 of the game you needed to come here to speak to a Frank. Upon speaking to Mesh, he’ll immediately see potential in you and request that you tag an area with graffiti that he refers to as a “Heaven Spot”.

After tagging the area, Mesh will relocate to the Planet Plaza of the Brink Terminal, the area where you challenged Eclipse to a crew battle during the game’s second chapter. He’ll be skating around so you’ll need to catch up to him if you want to talk. Upon speaking to him he’ll challenge you to a score battle.

This score battle may have an incredibly short time limit, but the player can easily get a huge score multiplier fast because the area it begins in is filled with grind rails that turn several times. If you are having any difficulty beating Mesh’s score, make sure you press the boost button and one of the trick buttons at the same time to do a boost trick for extra points.

After defeating Mesh in a score battle he’ll delta out of the area. He’ll soon text you that he’s gotten himself into trouble and to meet him on the bridge by the boulevard. Once you reach his location you’ll hear his plea about how he accidentally dropped his skateboard in the water. He’ll then tell you about a secret control room to drain the water from the dam so you two can retrieve his board.

In order to reach this control room you’ll need to show the nearby Oldhead that you have a high rep so that he’ll let you into a new area of the Brink Terminal. From here you can easily reach the control room by grinding up a lamppost and skating across a billboard. Inside the control room will be a graffiti spraying location that will drain the dam when interacted with.

With the dam drained, the player will be able to skate down to the lower area of the Brink Terminal, which is filled with plenty of graffiti spots to raise your rep and more importantly for this guide: Mesh’s skateboard.

Upon retrieving Mesh’s skateboard he’ll not only give it to you, but he’ll also join your crew! Making him a selectable character at any of the game’s Cypher Pads. His default playstyle is rollerblading, but this can be changed at any time if the player goes to their Hideout.

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