Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: How to Unlock DJ Cyber

Team Reptiles’s Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a fantastic game that gives the player a lot of customization freedom ranging from what type of graffiti they tag the city with to what costume their character wears. One bit of freedom that most players likely missed though was the myriad of hidden unlockable characters.

Scattered throughout the world of New Amsterdam are many aspiring writers and teens who want to make their mark in the world. You just need to complete a few sidequests to get them to join your crew. Some of these characters can be found at any time while others will not appear until the post-game.

The character in this guide, DJ, is one of the most memorable characters in the story, being introduced as an antagonistic force and having one of the better boss fights in the game. Like many characters encountered during the story he can be found in the world of New Amsterdam and recruited during the post-game.

DJ Cyber’s location can be harder to find than the other unlockable characters as he is standing in a high location at the Millennial Square that the player has to jump between several billboards to access. Once found, he will give the player a challenge to beat his high score.

Unlike a majority of post-game score challenges, this one is actually pretty manageable; only requiring players to get a score of 1,000,000 points to win. The reason for this is most likely because Millennial Square is the only area of the game that had no challenges during the main story, thus the devs expect players to have a harder time navigating its grind locations compared to the other areas.

Like any score challenge, the key here is to get as high a score multiplier as you can and then find a safe area to do tricks to increase your score as high as possible. I would recommend players go to the half pipe near the entrance to the Brink Terminal once they have a high enough multiplier, as doing tricks there is both safe and effective.

Once the player completes the score challenge, DJ Cyber will force himself into the Bomb Rush Crew, allowing players to select him as a playable character any time they dance at a Cypher Pad. His main playstyle is skateboarding, but the player can change this simply by going to the Hideout and selecting a different style for him to use.

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