Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: How to Play as Rival Crews

Team Reptiles’s Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a fantastic game that gives the player a lot of customization freedom ranging from what type of graffiti they tag the city with to what costume their character wears. One bit of freedom that most players likely missed though was the myriad of hidden unlockable characters.

Scattered throughout the world of New Amsterdam are many aspiring writers and teens who want to make their mark in the world. You just need to complete a few sidequests to get them to join your crew. Some of these characters can be found at any time while others will not appear until the post-game.

The characters in this guide are all members of the rival crews you defeated over the course of the game on your journey to become All City. All of these characters cannot be recruited until the post-game after the player defeats the final boss. Once you have entered the post-game though you can find them skating around the various areas of New Amsterdam.

Frank Location

This character can be found skating around the area of Versum Hill where you had a crew battle with the Franks during the first chapter of the game. Once you catch up to and talk to him you’ll receive a challenge to beat his high score of 3,000,000 points within three minutes. All of these rival crew characters will follow this formula so make sure you get good at skating if you want to play as them.

A good trick to remember when going for these challenges is to hit the boost button and one of the trick buttons at the same time while grinding, this will make your character do a special boost trick which gains you a significant amount of points.

Frank’s default playstyle is the bicycle, however this can be changed at any time in the Hideout.

Eclipse Location

The recruitable member of the Eclipse crew can be found in the top area of Brink Terminal. If you are confused as to where she is, it’s around the area where you had to talk to a Frank during the game’s fourth chapter.

Like with all the other rival crew members, she will issue you a high score challenge upon speaking to her. This one tasks you with getting 5,000,000 points within the Brink Terminal in under three minutes. Upon winning the challenge she will join your crew

Eclipse’s default playstyle is the rollerskates, but this can be changed at any time at the player’s Hideout.

Dot EXE Location

This crew member can be found skating in the Millennium Mall around where you had defeated the Dot EXE crew during the game’s third chapter. Upon catching up to him he’ll issue you a challenge to score 5,000,000 points in the Millennium Mall within three minutes.

Upon winning the challenge he’ll join your crew. Dot EXE’s default playstyle is the skateboard, but you can change this at any time by visiting the Bomb Rush Crew’s Hideout.

Devil Theory Location

The recruitable member of Devil Theory can be found skating around the upper areas of Pyramid Island. Thankfully it isn’t too hard to reach him as the set of rails he is grinding on is directly in front of the teleporter that brings you to the higher area of the island.

Like the other recruitable rival crew members you’ll need to beat his high score to make him join your crew. You’ll need to get a high score of over 5,000,000 in Pyramid Island in under three minutes.

Upon completing the challenge the Devil Theory member will join your team. His default playstyle is skateboarding.

Futurism Location

Finally, the player can recruit a member of the Futurism crew in the Mataan district of New Amsterdam. She can be found skating around the statue that led you to the final boss during the last chapter of the game.

Like every other rival crew member you’ll need to beat her high score to recruit her. At this point getting a high score of over 5,000,000 in under three minutes is an easy task. Just remember to increase your combo meter on grind rails and to constantly do tricks while boosting.

Upon completing the challenge you’ll unlock Futurism as a selectable character at any Cypher Pad. Her default playstyle is the bicycle, but the player can change this at any time by going to their Hideout.

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