Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: How to Unlock Rise

Team Reptiles’s Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a fantastic game that gives the player a lot of customization freedom ranging from what type of graffiti they tag the city with to what costume their character wears. One bit of freedom that most players likely missed though was the myriad of hidden unlockable characters.

Scattered throughout the world of New Amsterdam are many aspiring writers and teens who want to make their mark in the world. You just need to complete a few sidequests to get them to join your crew. Some of these characters can be found at any time while others will not appear until the post-game.

The character in this guide, Rise, is actually encountered briefly in the story compared to most unlockable characters who are completely hidden. During the fourth chapter of the game she will ask the player to get a small amount of rep in the first section of Pyramid Island before she’ll open the gate.

After completing the fourth chapter, she can once again be encountered on Pyramid Island, she can be found standing next to a pillar a few feet past the gate she initially opened for the play during their first visit to the island. Upon speaking to her the player will be given the photo taking sidequest.

Rise first requests that the player take a picture of her standing still by the pillar as the lighting here is prima. To take photos press the bottom D-Pad button on your controller to pull out your phone and then scroll down to camera. Controlling this phone camera can be difficult as both your left and right analog sticks move your character and thus your phone drastically, but thankfully it isn’t too hard to take a photo of someone standing still.

After taking a photo of Rise standing still she will then request that you take a few action shots of her skating. Thankfully she’ll stay in the area so find a good area to stand quickly and be ready to hit the camera button as she passes in front of your view. Alternatively you can attempt to skate behind her and take shots up close.

After successfully taking a shot of her grinding, Rise will give the player her number before vanishing. Within a minute she will text the player asking for more photos, saying that she has moved to a higher area of Pyramid Island for better lighting. Thankfully the player likely activated a teleport booth to the higher area of the island the first time they were here so they won’t have to skate that high.

Before taking a picture of her here, the player must make sure to interact with one of the two objects near her chair with the R1 button. These will decide where she will go for the next image. Once the player picks where Rise should stand she will pose for them for the final images.

After successfully taking these images, Rise will task the player with tagging a specific part of Pyramid Island with some graffiti, a very simple task for the player this far into the game.

Upon completing this challenge, Rise will formally ask to join the player’s crew and will become a selectable character any time the player dances at a Cypher Pad. Her default movement method is the rollerskates, but if the player dislikes these they can simply change her style at the Hideout.

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