Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: How to Unlock Shine

Team Reptiles’s Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a fantastic game that gives the player a lot of customization freedom ranging from what type of graffiti they tag the city with to what costume their character wears. One bit of freedom that most players likely missed though was the myriad of hidden unlockable characters. Scattered throughout the world of New Amsterdam are many aspiring writers and teens who want to make their mark in the world. You just need to complete a few sidequests to get them to join your crew. Some of these characters can be found at any time while others will not appear until the post-game.

The character in this guide, Shine, can be recruited at any point after the game’s third chapter. She can be found dancing in the mall where the player had previously defeated DOT EXE in a crew battle. If you have trouble finding her, search over by the tables that have umbrellas over them.

Upon talking to Shine she will ask the player to imitate the dance she is currently  doing. This dance is the Toprock which the player previously unlocked upon completing the game’s first chapter. After satisfying Shine she will move to a new location and ask the player to locate her.

This second location is in the food court high above the entrance to the mall from chapter 3. Once encountered, Shine will once again ask the player to imitate the dance she is doing. This dance is the Popping that the player unlocked completion of the game’s second chapter. Just like before, Shine will then change locations and ask the player to locate her.

At first she appears to not be far at all, only asking the player to enter the EP Records shop which is right next to the food court. However upon entering this store she will text the player that she is no longer there and has moved to the Theater Hall underneath the stairs in the mall’s third area. Here she will ask player’s to perform the Housedance that they obtained for beating the game’s third chapter.

Shine will then text players to meet her at the top of the mall’s second area, however like the record store before she will not be there and will send players a second text message telling them to instead go to the mall’s warehouse. Upon finding her here she will ask player’s to perform the breakdance they obtained upon completing the game’s fourth chapter. 

After completing this final dance, Shine will ask to join your crew. If you accept she will become playable, allowing players to change to her any time they dance at a Cypher pad. If you enjoyed this guide consider reading my full review of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

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