404 Game Re:Set Announces Chaos Cloud Event, Adds Xevious Character

On June 19th, 2023, the official Twitter account for Sega’s 404 Game Re:Set account announced that a new “Cloud Event” would be starting on Tuesday, June 20th.

In addition to adding this new event, the publisher announced that a new playable character (referred to in-game as a Cast) and figurine shall be added to the gacha. The new Cast will be Xevious (Anode version) and the new figurine shall be the Solvalou spaceship from the arcade game of the same name.

Art of the new Cast: Xevious (Anode)

In order to add this new event and two new gacha banners for these new additions, the game will enter a 3 hour maintenance period at 11:00 JP on June 20th.


The 40-second promo, revealing the new Three Star Cast: Anode Xevious (voiced by M.A.O.i) and the Solvalou figurine was posted to Twitter and Youtube at 5AM on June 20th, 2023. The trailer shows off Anode Xevious’ artwork, her Burst Skill animation, and how much damage it does per enemy before switching over to show off the model for the new Solvalou figurine.


404 Game Re:Set was initially announced on February 10th of 2023. The game’s premise involves Sega taking over the world via the power of Casts, personified versions of classic arcade games. The game sees players taking control of the good personification of arcade games (known as Anodes) as well as the evil personification of arcade games (known as Cathodes)

The game officially launched on April 25th of 2023 with the first five chapters being immediately available.

On April 27th 2023 Sega announced that the game’s first event, focused on Virtua Fighter, would begin on April 28th

On May 8th, 2023, Sega publicly announced that the game received over 1.5 million downloads [https://story-arc-blog.com/2023/05/09/404-game-reset-announces-1-5-million-downloads-rewards-campaign/]

On May 10th the game added the Development Team Colosseum for players to fight raid bosses together as well as introduced Darius (Anode)

On May 31st the game began its first collaboration event with the game company SNK, adding Fatal Fury to the game

On June 1st, the game began a month long campaign to celebrate Sega’s 63rd anniversary


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