All of Azami’s Ninja Rules from Sakura Wars

I love Azami Mochizuki, anyone who knows me knows that I can talk about this character for hours on end! One of the main recurring gags for this character are her 108 Village Rules. Whenever some character conflict happens or if the writers just want to tell a joke with her they’ll often have her say a rule number and then a rule that is either extremely vague or so specific it’s clear the rule was only made for her.

Despite these rules being such a large part of her character there is seldom any resource to check on them in the English Sakura Wars community. So today on the Story Arc I’m going to scour through any and all Azami related media that I can and list every one of Azami’s currently listed Ninja Rules in order!

Let’s not waste any time and get into things, shall we?

“Rule 5: Chases two birds with one hand, and you’ll surely lose both”

That’s a normal proverb Azami, you didn’t invent it. Shockingly despite this rule being super early in Azami’s list it’s likely to be one of the last that you’ll see in the actual game. In order to see it you must select “Split the team into two groups” During an intense moment in chapter 6

“Rule 11: Time is money, so stop wasting both.” 

Azami, that’s yet another proverb, your village didn’t make this one up. In order to see this rule you need to be extremely passive and do absolutely nothing during the exact same tense moment back from rule number 7

“Rule 12: Never reveal your mission”

This ninja rule appears in the game’s fourth chapter. When Mr. I tells Seijuro that Azami might be a spy, Seijuro naturally asks Azami where she’s been the past two days. However Azami plainly states this rule and tells him nothing. Does this complicate the situation? Sure, but also, why are you so curious about what the 13 year girl was up to, reader?

“Rule 14: To defeat a king, slay his horse”

This rule appears during the battle segment of chapter 6. The only way to see it is if during an important choice you select to target the wrong person and get yelled at by the whole team.

“Rule 16: When in a jam, don’t shy away from your problems”

This rule is the only one in the list that I have absolutely no context for other than the fact it appears in the light novel prequel to Shin Sakura Wars.

“Rule 17: Never turn on your comrades”

This rule happens midway through chapter three when President G announces that the combat revues will be forced to fight against each other in the Combat Revue Games. While everyone is expressing their dissatisfaction with this turn of events Azami voices this rule to the room.

“Rule 20: Be respectful to boarders with military experience”

This rule only appears in the collaboration event between Shin Sakura Wars and another game known as Border Break. I have no idea if we can even consider this rule canon because it seems so specific to this collab! I guess we’re gonna count it because there is no other rule 20 that contradicts it.

“Rule 22: Never leave a comrade behind”

Rule 22 comes from the exact same chapter 6 scene as rules 5 and 11. In order to see this rule you must foolishly select “Let’s go to the finals!” During an intense scene and lower your affection with the whole team!

“Rule 23: United by a single purpose, you need fear nothing”

Directly before fighting the London Division in chapter 5 you will give a pep talk to the team and tell them to mobilize. Once you’ve done this all of the girls will give variations of “Yes sir!” With Azami’s being this rule.

“Rule 24: If you don’t know it, it’s an enemy.”

This rule is hidden in a “Next time on Sakura Wars!” Preview of all places! It’s also one of many village rules that causes Azami to resort to violence.

“Rule 26: Getting up early is somehow beneficial”

This ninja rule is actually the one you’re least likely to see in game. In order to see this rule you must select absolutely nothing when Azami tries to wake up in chapter 5, just let the timer run out. If you do this she will tug at your hair before jumping back and quoting this rule to you. Selecting nothing so rarely occurs to me as something to do in Sakura Wars that if someone else hadn’t told me about this rule I would have missed it.

“Rule 29: Let thy actions be a secret”

This is the first of many village rules to appear not in the main game, but in the sequel anime. When asked by Sakura on episode 1 where she ran off to after rehearsal, Azami states this rule as she refuses to say anything.

“Rule 30: Don’t hide anything from your family”

During the 5th chapter of the game, Claris will ask you to open up to the rest of the Flower Division about what’s wrong with Sakura. If you choose to deflect Claris’ questions the omnipotent voice of Azami will call out to you to remember this rule. 

“Rule 31: No couples spats after dark. They’re annoying.”

This next rule is one Azami herself will likely never be in a situation where she needs to follow it, but she can hold it over the heads of others. It is seen at the very end of chapter 5 when Sakura is yelling at Seijuro over forgetting their childhood promise.

“Rule 33: Not everything can be solved with a simple conversion.”

Yet another rule where Azami insists on resolving her problems with violence. To see this rule you must select “Let’s try talking with them!” When confronting the chapter 6 boss.

“Rule 34: Never let opportunity pass you by.”

You’ll encounter this rule during the game’s second chapter. As the gang’s all trying to convince Claris to write a play for them Azami chips in with this bit of advice for Claris.

If any of you comment with the joke you’re thinking of then you should feel bad.

“Rule 37: Never break a promise”

The method of seeing this rule makes me sick to my stomach. The only way to get Azami to say this one is if you promise to spend time with her on Christmas and then break that promise. You have to be a complete monster to do that and deserve the caltrops she put in your bed!

“Rule 39: You can’t win if you don’t even try.”

This ninja rule is seen right before fighting the London Division in chapter 6. As Sakura is feeling doubtful that she can even pilot the Obu the entire team offers her words of support and Azami chimes in with this ninja rule.

“Rule 41: Don’t raise your voice when startled.”

During the game’s fourth chapter you will interpret a training battle between Azami and her master due to a misunderstanding. Because of this Azami will say “Seijuro?!” Out loud in shock, causing her master to chastise her. 

Azami upset her grandfather and it’s all your fault.

“Rule 42: Let no mystery go unsolved.”

This ninja rule appears in Azami’s very first scene in the game. While Seijuro is in his uniform as the Grand Imperial Peanut she jumps down from the ceiling to investigate. Upon noticing a button on Peanut’s nose she states this rule and presses it. Do not let Azami near any self-destruct buttons.

“Rule 44: Ninja must never wear flashy outfits”

This rule is encountered during the 4th episode of the anime. In a certain scene Azami sees Klara wearing a yukata and wants to wear one herself, unfortunately there is a village rule against wearing flashy outfits.

A rule that Azami has truly never broken before.

“Rule 48: Don’t abandon those who come to you for help”

This rule appears in the third episode of the anime when the Moscow Revue is trying to forcefully recruit Klara. As the Flower Division voices their protests, Azami chimes in with this rule.

“Rule 49: Never forgive traitors.”

This rules origin is not in the game or even the anime, but from a tweet Sega put out at the time of the game’s Japanese release asking people not to spoil the game. Now you may think this rule is dubiously canon as it first appeared on Twitter but it did end up reappearing during episode 7 of the anime. So let’s assume any and all Sega PR rules are canon.

“Village Rule 51: Always drink tea while it’s hot”

This ninja rule was revealed to us not in any game or anime but rather in a livestream advertising the Shin Sakura Wars anime. During this livestream an Azami Mochizuki birthday tea set was shown off as well as a Ninja rule about when you should drink tea. Azami has no tolerance for all you brits who drink it cold.

“Rule 53: Being a pervert is unacceptable”

I actually completely missed this rule on my replay and had to go back and grab it. In order to see this rule you need to see all bath events in the game and then near the very end select to enter the bath naked.

“Rule 54: Terminate anyone who goes through your things without permission”

To see this rule you must go into Azami’s tete a tete segment and select her dresser several times. Initially she will just tell you to stop examining it but if you click it enough times she’ll say this ninja rule as a threat.

“Rule 62: Those who uncover your secrets must die.”

This rule is encountered when Azami first formally meets Seijuro. Surprised that he already knows her name, she immediately puts a sharp kunai to his throat for the sake of murder. Keep in mind that Azami is an actress, dare I say a celebrity. How many times has she done this?

“Rule 63: There cannot be victory without adversity” 

This rule is exclusive to the Manga adaptation of Shin Sakura Wars. During the Manga’s seventh chapter when Anastasia is training the Flower Division to be better actors we see Azami in this odd position and reciting this rule. I’m sure this will make her a better actor somehow.

“Rule 66: Never give up on life”

During the events of chapter 7 Anastasia will ask for your permission to pilot a mech into battle. If you decide to tell Anastasia “No.” Then Azami will chime in to agree with you and say Anastasia should stay behind.

“Rule 67: “Know when to quit”

This rule appears directly after rule number 12 in chapter 4. After Seijuro gives up trying to figure out where Azami has been the past two days she states this rule. We already quit, Azami. No need to rub it in.

“Rule 74: No Snack Runs.”

During the third chapter of the game Azami will say she’s hungry and needs a snack. Seijuro will at first tell her to get a snack herself but she will explain that she cannot because of rule 74. After we abide by the rule and say we’ll get her a snack she calls us a chump! Is rule 74 fake?! Are all the ninja rules fake?! Explain yourself!

“Rule 79: Don’t take snacks as a bribe.”

This rule takes place in the same scene as rule 62 from from earlier: Azami trying to murder Seijuro for knowing who she is. If the player selects the choice “Here, have a snack” Seijuro will try to bribe Azami with a ten pack of manju before Azami remembers this rule and declines (Your affection with Azami will increase though). This is one of those rules that was definitely made by Azami’s Village for her specifically 

“Rule 81: No prying into a maidens private matters”

This rule appears during the game’s second chapter when Seijuro encounters Azami buying snacks at Hiromi’s store. When Hiromi reveals Azami has bought less than usual Seijuro tries to pry into what she spent her money on, leading an embarrassed Azami to state this rule and leave.

What secrets are you hiding, Azami?!

“Rule 89: 10,000 sit-ups for those who fail to remember crucial details!”

This super intense rule only appears during the music video for Azami’s theme song “Ninja Azami” and is used to demonstrate how fierce Azami’s training is.

“Rule 98: Christmas is special and to be enjoyed thoroughly.”

Even ninjas celebrate Christmas it turns out! This rule pops up when the Flower Division is discussing performing the play Miracle Bell for the annual Christmas show.

“Rule 99: When victory presents itself, pursue it.”

Wise words, Azami. You will encounter this ninja rule during the game’s seventh chapter when the team all decide that no one will be sacrificed in the upcoming battle.

“Rule 100: Destroy evil. And bring justice.”

My biggest fear when making this list was the possibility that there would be rules said in the middle of battle that would be easy to miss, this was one of those. This rule is said aloud by Azami during a segment in chapter 7 where you need to fight enemies to break down an invisible wall.

“Rule 103: Don’t make Sumire angry. Ever.”

This rule is seen after Sumire’s big moment in chapter 7 of the game. You may be thinking that this rule is too specific toward Azami to be a rule for a whole village, but have you seen Sumire when she’s angry? I can totally believe a whole village fears her.

“Rule 108: Survival is paramount, even if it means abandoning your allies.”

The final rule of Azami’s village is one that comes up in a fight or flight situation where Azami sees someone she cares about being held at gunpoint. However Azami is too good a person to follow this rule and breaks it immediately to save her friend!

This is far from the only rule that Azami breaks (never forget rule 74!!) But it’s the most important rule to break. 

Now while that is all of Azami’s village rule we see in game, there is one more thing we need to bring up:

“Azami Rule #1: I will follow Seijuro to the ends of the earth!”

Yes, during Azami’s chapter of Shin Sakura Wars she will decide to live life her own way alongside her Village Rules. As such she declares Azami Rule number 1 to be this out of complete trust in you.

And that’s all of Azami’s rules! Or at least all the ones I’m aware of. Shin Sakura Wars is a game with many, many choices that effect dialogue and even random events like who fights alongside you in emergency sorties. It is more than likely that I missed some Azami rules. So if you know any I missed pleas message me on Twitter with a screenshot and I’ll add them right away!

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