Make a Musou: Xenoblade Musou

Hello, and welcome to the third article in my new series on The Story Arc: Make a Musou. I love Dynasty Warriors, the number of times I bring it up, and the multiple Musou related articles I’ve written should be proof enough of that. However, I am currently in a Dynasty Warriors drought as I have no interest in Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, so I thought it was time to flex some creative writing.

But what could I do? When it comes to Dynasty Warriors content you can find whatever you want online already. For the past twenty years, the internet has been filled with character analyses, essays on the storytelling, and gameplay deconstructions. I don’t have much to add when talking about Dynasty Warriors itself. However, there is one question that everyone has had at one point in time: “What if ___ was a Musou game?”

That’s right, it’s time to pretend we’ve gone back to the Tumblr days when imagining your ideal game and talking to people about it wasn’t cringe! I have asked my friends to give me a list of franchises, and I will make a Musou roster out of each and every one of them. Last time I made a Musou roster out of Bandai’s critically acclaimed Super Robot Wars franchise. This time though we’re going to be casting a much, much smaller roster of characters as we handle one of the 2010’s most well known JRPG franchises.

This week on The Story Arc, we shall be making a Musou roster out of the Xenoblade series!

How we’ll be designing the movesets!

Now, we must discuss how Musou Movesets typically work if we are going to create a wide variety of them. If you have already read my pieces on making a Batman Musou, Pokemon Musou, or Sakura Wars Musou, you may skip ahead to when we start talking about how many characters our roster will have. First, let’s go over the basics of each character’s normal attacks. You all likely know how Musou movesets work on a basic level; you string together combos consisting of light attacks and heavy attacks. However, there is a pattern that movesets typically follow that I feel need some explaining.

Pressing light attacks once and then heavy will knock enemies directly in front of you in the air, allowing for a juggle or for you yourself to transition into an attempted combo.

Pressing light attack two times and then a heavy will perform an attack that while not super powerful will hit enemies close to you, generally on your left and right.

Pressing light attacks three times and then heavy will perform an attack that, while not your strongest, will hit a wide range of enemies.

Pressing light attack four times and then a heavy will perform an attack that is either straightforward or will move you slightly forward

Finally, pressing light attack five times, and then triangle will perform an attack that does plenty of damage in a short range, the perfect attack for enemy officers.

These are the foundations of a basic Musou moveset; however, there is more to explain and think of for our roster.

The bar you have been seeing below or next to the health bars in this footage is the Musou gauge. Once it is full, you are able to unleash your most powerful attack: a Musou attack. So we’ll need to think of a Musou for everyone.

Next, we have the trickiest part of our roster, the R1/RB button. The R1/RB button is used as a weapon switch in mainline Dynasty Warriors, but various spin-offs have used it as a button that activates a unique skill or attack for a character. These attacks can span from being very average to something atypical, so thinking about each character’s uniqueness will be hard.

Finally, we’re going to incorporate something that main modern Musous and Musou clones have, skill attacks. Holding down a button will give you an option of activating a skill. Most of these are just buffs like increased attack or speed; however, many Musous gives characters extra moves via skills. As we want to make this hypothetical game seem as appealing as possible, we shall come up with 3 skill attacks for each character.

And that’s everything! 5 Normal combos, a musou attack, a unique skill, and 3 skill attacks for each character. As we go into this, I won’t describe what each and every character’s individual combos will be but rather just how we imagine them playing with a few combo examples. I will mostly focus on describing every Musou, unique, and skill attack we come up with. A fair warning as well that I won’t talk about some characters as much as others, thinking of a variety of different movesets is difficult

With everything about how we will go about this explained, let’s move on.

Our Roster Size

Before we get into picking our characters, we first need to figure out how big the roster could be. While a true dream would be everyone playable, we’re going to have to be realistic with this. Other licensed Musous started with rosters of these sizes

Berserk Musou – 8 characters
Arslan Musou – 16 characters
Dragon Quest Musou – 13 characters + 1 DLC
Touken Ranbu Musou – 15 characters
One Piece Pirate Warriors – 15 characters

Xenoblade may be a big upcoming JRPG series but that doesn’t change the fact that it has only three games so we’re going to aim for the lower end of the roster scale.

As such we will be picking 11 characters to make movesets for! We shall also only be picking characters from Xenoblade 1 and Xenoblade 2 as Nintendo rarely acknowledges X so there’s no way an X character would be on here if this was real.

With all of that out of the way, we can finally get into talking about the characters!

Character 1: Shulk

Mr. Really Feeling It himself! Shulk has gone from being the protagonist of a niche wii game to one of Nintendo’s most recognizable protagonists. In our hypothetical roster Shulk would be a very well rounded character. Not too fast and not too slow, some of his attacks would have range and others would be very close range.

We won’t be doing anything too fancy with Shulk’s moveset. All his light combos will involve slashing enemies with the monado and his heavy combos will either be arts from the first game or a particularly fancy slash of his sword.

For his first heavy combo Shulk will slash the Monado upward to knock enemies into the air before jumping up after them and performing a jump slash to smash them back to the ground.

As a second heavy combo Shulk will quickly perform two slashes to his left and right to knock away enemies.

As a third heavy combo Shulk will use the Monado cyclone to extend his sword before spinning in a circle to knock enemies away.

As a fourth heavy combo Shulk will perform Back Slash and jump forward at enemies in front of him, slamming the Monado down on them.

As a fifth heavy combo Shulk will charge forward and perform a three hit combo with the Monado that would devastate the health of an enemy commander.

For Shulk’s Musou attack we’re going to take a page from Smash’s book and have him call upon two other party members to perform a Chain Attack. For the purpose of our roster the two party members to appear will be Dunban and Sharla. Sharla will fire an explosive shot to knock enemies close before Shulk and Dunban do a quick slash with their swords to defeat them all.

When pressing R1 to activate Shulk’s special skill he will use Monado Speed and for a short period of time his speed will be doubled.

For his first attack skill Shulk will perform the Monado Buster and swing the ether extended Monado onto the heads of enemies in front of him.

As a second attack skill Shulk will use Monado Eater and fire a blast of dark ether in front of him to harm enemies.

Then as a third attack skill Shulk will attack an enemy with Turn Strike by swinging his blade upward at them.

And that’s Shulk’s moveset, Shulk and the other Xenoblade 1 party members were the hardest characters to write about in this roster as there is very little footage of their arts online, so please cut me a bit of slack for some attack descriptions. Anyway, let’s move on to Xenoblade 1’s second party member!

Character 2: Reyn

There are many arguments for why Reyn shouldn’t be on this roster in favor of other characters, but I know at least a few people would tear my head off if I didn’t write about him. Plus he’s going to be in your party for a pretty sizable amount of XC1 so I think that makes him worthy of a slot.

Reyn is going to be one of the slower characters on our roster but he’s also going to be one of the most powerful. His Scrap Driver will pierce and tear through the health of enemies like they were paper.

As a first heavy combo Reyn will use his free hand to uppercut enemies into the air where he can continue to juggle them with his light attacks.

For his second heavy combo Reyn will spin in a circle to knock away enemies that are too close to him.

Reyn’s fourth heavy combo will have him fire a projectile from his weapon that will explode upon making contact with enemies in front of him.

The fifth heavy combo of Reyn’s moveset will have him stab his Scrap Driver directly into a single enemy before throwing them off.

Reyn’s musou attack will have him call upon a group of nameless Colony 9 soldiers to shoot at a large amount of enemies from a distance.

For Reyn’s special skill when pressing R1 you will activate a berserk art which will double Reyn’s attack briefly but at the cost of some of his HP.

For his first attack skill Reyn will topple over some enemies in front of him by slicing down at their legs

As a second attack skill Reyn will nearly get run over by a jeep driven by Juju, thankfully he will miss and instead run down enemies in front of Reyn.

Finally for his third attack skill Reyn will have the gem crafting machine appear behind him and launch gems at enemies.

I probably should have left Reyn off this roster as he was easily the hardest character to think up attacks for. I am finishing his segment mere minutes before uploading because there was so little to do with him. Thankfully, our next character was significantly easier to write.

Character 3: Fiora

The least kept spoiler in the entire Xenoblade series is that Fiora joins as your seventh party member. Super Smash Bros, Project X Zone, the internet in general, no one tries to hide this secret and thus I won’t either and will put her on the roster.

Of the Xenoblade 1 characters on the roster Fiora will easily be the fastest. With her mechon body she will fly around the battlefield, constantly slashing at enemies and always moving as she attacks.

For her first heavy combo Fiora will slice upward to knock enemies into the air and then charge forward.

As a second heavy combo Fiora will spin and propel her body to the left and right to attack enemies in those directions.

Fiora’s third heavy combo will have electricity burst from her body and shock enemies all around her.

Then for a fourth heavy combo Fiora will fire a pink lazer forward that will blast through enemies.

Finally for her fifth heavy combo Fiora will run forward and slam her blades down on some enemies.

Fiora’s Musou attack will be Final Cross, she will charge up some ether energy in her chest before unleashing it as a series of lasers the strike all foes near her.

When pressing R1 to activate Fiora’s special skill electricity will begin to burst from her weapons, briefly giving her attacks an electric buff that will cause damage to spread across enemies.

Fiora’s attack skills will all involve using her sword drones in unique ways, such as her first attack skill where they will circle her while firing lasers from above to keep enemies away.

As a second attack skill Fiora’s sword drones will all point in front of her and fire lasers forward.

For her third attack skill Fiora’s sword drones will point in several directions around her and fire lasers in those directions to defeat many enemies.

Crossover games not caring about the Fiora spoiler was a godsend as I was able to look up footage of her in those games for inspiration, making her a very easy character to write for. Our next character hasn’t been in any big crossovers but he doesn’t need to be to be loved.

Character 4: Riki

Riki is the best character in fiction bar none. The idea of leaving our heropon off the roster is too ridiculous to even consider!

Riki would be a very bizarre character on this roster as while his light attacks would have him swing his hammer around at enemies, his heavy combos will do whatever the hell he feels like doing.

Riki’s first heavy combo will have him swing his hammer upward and knock enemies into the air.

The second heavy combo of Riki’s moveset will have him throw a tantrum and stomp around, knocking away enemies that are standing very close to him.

For his third heavy combo Riki will begin to breathe fire as he slowly spins in a circle, burning all enemies around him.

As a fourth heavy combo Riki will launch a large piece of ice forward at enemies and pierce through them.

As a fifth heavy combo Riki will bite forward at a few enemies and inflict massive damage to them.

For his musou attack Riki will begin to bounce around the battlefield like a basketball, dealing heavy damage to any enemy he bounces on.

Riki’s special skill will have him him eat some fruit and gain a buff that will increase his defense for a short period of time.

For his attack skills Riki will be able to inflict many status effects on enemies like he does in the original Xenoblade Chronicles. Such as his first attack skill where Riki will breathe some poisonous breath forward at enemies to inflict a poison status effect on them.

For his second attack skill Riki will throw petals at enemies all around him that will inflict a stun status effect on them, preventing them from attacking him.

Finally for a third attack skill, Riki will spit at a single enemy and that spit will turn into ice that will keep them in place until he attacks them!

No mere writer could do our Heropon justice but I hope this section was at least half worthy of him. Our next character will be our final Xenoblade 1 party member, who could I possibly choose for that position?

Character 5: Melia

Melia is one of the most beloved party members in the series and all signs point to her having a very important role in the third game, so I had to put her on here.

Melia will be a very technical character, she won’t be running up to and hitting enemies like all of our previous characters but rather her light attacks will have her launch orbs of light from her staff from a range. Then her heavy combos will have her perform heavy hitting magical arts that will all keep enemies away from her so she can continue attacking from a distance.

Melia’s first heavy combo will have her summon a razer of wind to knock enemies in front of her into the air.

Then as a second heavy combo Melia will activate a Flare Impulse and fire will explode at her feat, knocking back any enemies that were too close to her.

For her third heavy combo Melia will swing her staff and a wave of ice will burst from the ground, hitting a wide range of enemies.

The fourth heavy combo of Melia’s moveset will have her extend her staff forward and manifest a bolt of lightning that will launch forward at enemies.

Finally for a fifth heavy combo Melia will launch a rock of poisoned earth at an enemies face, causing them to take poison damage for a short period of time.

Melia’s Musou attack will have her perform a Mind Blast and send a massive yellow colored shockwave of energy forward to decimate enemies.

For her special skill Melia will summon an orb of healing Aqua and recover a small amount of HP.

As a first attack skill Melia will perform the Starlight Kick, a maneuver that will have her jump and kick enemies in front of her before stumbling to the ground.

Then as a second attack skill she will cast Shadow Stitch and darkness will appear under her feet, holding enemies still while doing a small amount of damage to them.

For her third and final attack skill Melia will have her perform Power Effect and cause three shockwaves of energy to appear that will knock enemies away from her while damaging them.

Melia was actually the first character I wrote a moveset for on this roster. Her being easy gave me false hope for the other XC1 characters that came before her, little did I know.

Anyway, let’s finally move in to some Xenoblade Chronicles 2 characters!

Character 6: Rex/Pyra/Mythra

Moving onto the Xenoblade 2 half of our roster it’s time to talk about the game’s protagonist: Rex! Poor Rex is probably the least talked about member of the Xenoblade 2 cast online and he wasn’t even included as part of X2’s Smash representation. I however will not be excluding him!

Rex will have a unique gimmick among the characters in his roster. Most of his attacks will not involve him damaging enemies directly but rather him knocking them into position for his blades Pyra and Mythra to attack. Whether or not his blade is Pyra or Mythra will depend on the specific combo of course.

The first heavy combo of Rex’s moveset will have Pyra perform a Prominence Revolt to create a pillar of fire that knocks enemies into the air before Rex fires an anchor shot to pull them back to the ground.

For Rex’s second heavy combo he will knock enemies to his left and right while Mythra performs some Photon Edges to quickly slice in those directions.

Next as a third heavy combo Pyra will perform a Flame Nova and shockwave of flame will burst around her and Rex to burn a wide radius of enemies.

As a fourth heavy combo Rex will fire an Anchor Shot forward to pull enemies in as Pyra unleashes a horizontal sword slash on them.

Then for a fifth heavy combo Rex will kick an enemy forward and Mythra will perform a lightning buster on them, a series of rapid sword slashes.

Rex’s musou attack will be a Chain Attack like Shulk’s where he will call upon his friends Zeke and Vandahm. Zeke will use his massive sword to knock enemies into a pile before Rex and Vandahm stab at them from two different directions.

As a special skill when pressing R1 as Rex, Mythra will surround Rex’s blade with light and for a short period of time he will get a buff that makes their attacks unblockable.

For their first attack skill Rex and Mythra will unleash a Sacred Arrow to fall on enemies around them

Their second attack skill will have Rex and Pyra unleash the Burning Sword art and bring down their blazing blade on enemies in front of them.

Finally for their third attack skill Pyra/Mythra will transform into Pneuma and launch her funnels at surrounding enemies like flying blades before transforming back to normal.

Super Smash Bros helped a lot with deciding Mythra/Pyra’s moveset as having actual footage of attacks is a Godsend and we need to normalize attack videos online. Let’s move on to our second Xenoblade 2 party member now.

Character 7: Nia/Dromarch

Next up on the list we have everyone’s favorite Welsh catgirl: Nia! Nia was one of the stand out party members of Xenoblade 2 and appears to be having a large role in Xenoblade 3, so putting her on this roster just makes sense.

As a musou character Nia and Dromarch would have high speed attacks but wouldn’t have much range. Nia’s primary weapon is two bladed twin rings similar to Sun Shangxiang’s in mainline Dynasty Warriors and thus we will take primary influence from that moveset but with the added gimmick of Dromarch helping.

As a first heavy combo Nia will toss her rings upward one at a time to knocn enemies into the air while Dromarch lunges upward at them.

For her second heavy combo Nia will throw her two rings behind her and as they boomerang back to her they will come from the left and right and damage enemies.

Then as a third heavy combo Nia will rapidly slash enemies in front of her while Dromach runs in a circle around her to damage surrounding enemies.

Nia’s fourth heavy combo will have her leap forward and slash enemies with her hands like a cat.

Finally as a fifth heavy combo Nia will kick forward at an enemy before Dromarch pounces on them and deals massive damage.

Nia’s Musou attack will have her turn into her Blade Form and float into the air before letting out a huge burst of ether that will both decimate all enemies in range and heal her slightly.

When pressing R1 to activate Nia’s special skill her weapons will begin to glow and she will receive a buff where her attacks will drain the health of enemies and increase her own health bar.

As a first attack skill Dromarch will spin around three times, kicking enemies around him away as he does.

For a second attack skill Nia will throw both of her rings and perform a little dance as Dromach roars and damages enemies.

Then for a third attack skill Nia will put her rings in front of Dromarch to amplify the power of his roar, sending a powerful attack flying forward at enemies.

I actually played as Nia for like 90% of Xenoblade 2 so I was primed and ready to write this segment of the roster! Believe it or not our next character is the only XC2 character I had a hard time writing about, so let’s move on to them.

Character 8: Poppi/Tora

Next up we have my favorite Xenoblade 2 party member: Poppi! Oh and I guess her Driver, Tora, is also here. Unlike Rex and Nia where you played as the Driver, for this slot I think it makes more sense to control the Blade herself in order to make this duo stand out from Riki earlier in the roster.

Of the Xenoblade 2 characters on the roster Poppi will be the slowest and hit the hardest, she’s a big hunk of metal after all. She will swing her arms around and deliver fatal punches for her light attacks and perform other maneuvers for her heavy combos.

Poppi’s first heavy combo will have her spin her fist around before delivering an uppercut to enemies in front of her and launching them into the air.

As a second heavy combo Tora will throw his weapon over to Poppi and she will perform a spin to knock away enemies too close to her.

Then as a third heavy combo will fire a missile at the ground she’s standing on and hurt a wide radius of enemies with the explosion

For her fourth attack skill Poppi will pull out a drill and ram it through enemies directly in front of her.

Poppi’s musou attack will have Tora throw her weapon to her as she activates the Jet Biter. A metal head will quickly launch of the weapon and chomp on enemies before returning to the weapon and Tora

For her special skill Poppi will pose and talk like a maid briefly, causing pink hearts to appear over the head of enemies that will prevent them from defending themselves as Poppi goes back to destroying them.

As a first attack skill Poppi will open her arms and send out a barrage of missiles, annihilating enemies in front of her.

For Poppi’s second attack skill she will pull out the weapon her QTpi form uses and perform a few rapid slices at enemies with a blade made of ether.

Finally for her third attack skill Poppi will pull out the same weapon and fire an ether laser forward to burn through enemies.

I love Poppi and she deserves a better Driver than a Nopon, but that’s not the kind of topic to talk about in this type of article! Our next character is the one I was most excited to write about as they just perfectly fit with how I design these movesets.

Character 9: Morag the Flame Bringer

Our final Xenoblade 2 party member in the roster will be Morag as well as her blade Brighid! Morag was a stand out party member in Xenoblade 2 as she started out as an antagonist force before finally joining the party at the end of the story’s first act. She also has a fairly unique weapon among Xenoblade characters as she dual wields two extending whip-like blades, even Dynasty Warriors characters who use a weapon like this typically use only one.

Morag will be one of the fast characters on our roster as she runs around the battlefield quickly striking enemies with her extending blades. Both her light and heavy attacks will involve swinging these weapons in a wide range. Unlike every other Xenoblade 2 Driver we’ve talked about so far who fought side by side with their blade, Brighid will be taking more of a support role and will only help Morag with some attacks.

As a first heavy combo Morag will swing her right whip blade upward and knock enemies into the air before jumping up after them and slashing them back to the ground with her left sword.

For her second heavy combo she will extend her arms to her left and right and slam her weapons downward and harm enemies to her side.

Then for a third heavy combo Morag will twirl around once as her blades slice through a wide range of enemies around her.

Morag’s fourth heavy combo will have her jump forward at a crowd of enemies while holding her swords in front of her.

Finally as a fifth heavy combo Morag will run up to a single enemy and perform a rapid series of slashes that would eat through the health of an enemy commander.

Morag’s Musou will have her blade Brighid appear and Morag will toss one of her swords to her. The two will then strike the ground with them as a large explosion of fire bursts around them to eliminate their foes.

For her special skill when pressing R1 as Morag, Brighid will appear and snap her fingers causing Morag’s blades to be lit aflame and a for a short period of time Morag’s attacks will have a fire buff that will leave a lingering effect that slowly eats through the health of enemies.

Now while Brighid didn’t help at all for Morag’s normal attacks I do want her to appear and support Morag for her attack skills, such as for her first attack skill where Brighid will appear and hold hold Morag’s hand as she activates a Heat Haze and a shockwave of appears to harm surrounding enemies.

Then as a second attack skill Morag will toss her whips to Brighid and she will begin to rapidly flail them around and harm many enemies in front of Morag before tossing them back.

Finally as a third attack skill Morag will toss her blade to Brighid again and she will slash forward with them once and send a large blue flame flying forward at enemies.

Morag was a joy to write about and easily the best time I had working on this roster, everything about her just clicked immediately.

Now that we’re done talking about party members in the roster I want to give our final two slots to some villains! So what villains would I deem to be good playable characters?

Character 10: Jin

One of Xenoblade 2’s breakout villains and one of Torna’s breakout party members. Jin instantly won the hearts of Xenoblade fans and many expected him to be the final boss of the game. This popularity basically guaranteed him a slot on this roster. Plus he has a katana and katanas are cool!

Being a katana user Jin would have a fighting style similar to characters in like Zhou Tai and Ranmaru in mainline Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. His combos won’t have a lot of attacks but rather very precise almost elegant looking slices.

For Jin’s first heavy combo he will stab forward at enemies and then spin both himself and them into the air where he can continue to attack them.

The second combo of Jin’s moveset will have him jump backwards and then perform a horizontal slash, hitting enemies that were formerly on his left and right

The third heavy combo of Jin’s moveset will have him spin his sword in front of him while shouting “Stunned Swallow!”

As a fourth heavy combo Jin will appear to teleport forward a few feet. The after image of sword slices will appear in distance between where he started and where have teleported to and slice through enemies.

Finally, Jin’s fifth heavy combo will have him stab his sword into an enemy in front of him and then kick that enemy into a pack of other enemies.

Jin’s Musou attack will be very simple compared to other characters on this roster. He will dash forward and (in contrast to the rest of his moveset which was individual slashes) he will unleash a rapid series of sword slices at any foe unlucky enough to be in range.

When pressing R1 to activate Jin’s special skill he will close his eyes for a second to concentrate, after which he will receive a buff that will double his speed for a short period of time!

All of Jin’s attack skill will involve other members of the Torna organization showing up to provide him support as he continues to slice through enemies. For his first attack skill Akhos will appear and jump into the air, firing an explosive shot from his bow at enemies in front of Jin before vanishing again.

Jin’s second attack skill will have Patroka appear to assist him via slashing her sword in various directions around him to damage him.

For his third and final attack skill Jin will be assisted by Mikhail who will spin around Jin with his twin fans to keep away any enemies that are too close to him.

Did you know that some of Jin’s XC2 attacks are Xenogears references? See, I included a non-Blade representation here after all! Anyway, let’s talk about our next villain and final slot on the roster!

Character 11: Malos

Malos rocks. Xenoblade 2’s story and the Xenoblade franchise has a lot of issues but I will defend Malos’ place in it until the day I die. Unlike most villains I could have put in this slot Malos doesn’t stand three times as tall as our protagonists or have godly powers. He’s equal to Mythra in strength and fights with a sword, making him perfect for a Musou game.

Malos will be a very chaotic character, similar to Fiora earlier in the roster I imagine him constantly sliding around as he’s attacking. His light attack will involve him slashing enemies with his sword while his heavy combos will involve him either doing a particular slash or performing a Monado Art.

As a first heavy combo Malos will kick enemies into the air before jumping up after them and spiking them to the ground with Monado Buster.

Malos’s third heavy combo will have him spin around in a circle as he moves around like a small cyclone.

The fourth heavy combo of his moveset will have Malos stick his blade forward and perform Monado Eater to shoot a laser of dark ether energy forward.

For his fifth heavy combo Malos will grab a single enemy in from of him by the head and throw them into other enemies.

Malos’ Musou attack will have Artifice Aion appear in the sky behind him and fire a ride variety of attacks at all surrounding enemies before quickly vanishing.

When pressing R1 to activate Malos’ special skill his Monado will cover itself with dark ether energy and his attacks will gain a darkness status buff, allowing him to instantly kill any normal enemies whose health is low enough.

For his first attack skill Malos will perform Monado Jail to hold enemies in place with chains before quickly slicing through them.

As a second attack skill Malos will one again use Monado Eater, but this time will use it to cause an explosion of ether energy around him that will burn through the health of enemies.

Finally for his third attack skill Malos will attack the ground and dark ether will burst out and attack enemies in all directions

And that’s Malos finished! I didn’t realize until working on this piece that not only does Malos use Monado arts in XC2 but some of his non-Monado arts are references to Shulk’s in the first game! It’s a neat reference!


And there we go, 11 characters from both Xenoblade games converted into Musou movesets. Now you may be saying that this is unrealistic and that every single part member from both games would get a slot, but remember, if this were real this would be a Nintendo Licensed Musou and Nintendo loves having DLC characters in their Musou games. So I’m confident in saying that not every party member would be playable in a real Xenoblade Musou and I think I did a pretty good job with the ones I did pick.

Join us again in a few days on The Story Arc for another fan Musou roster by me! This originally wasn’t supposed to come out today as I had to delay another article so hopefully I can get that one done soon with this out of the way.

In the meantime please check out my Make a Musou hub page and read my other fan musous

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