Nine Songs I Would Like to See Covered in Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage (And Their Respective Groups)

I’ve been in the Vocaloid community almost long enough to be a card-carrying member. It started with stumbling on a few Miku tuned covers of video game tracks (who knew a virtual singer could cover a fan rendition of the Final Fantasy theme so well?) and spun off into a more than passive interest that has spanned far beyond what I ever thought it would in early high school. Many years later, I still regard my original listens of Deep Sea Girl and Butterfly on your Right Shoulder with the same loving respect as you would to an old friend. Naturally, I ran headfirst into the games associated with the series; Project Mirai, Project Diva, and Megpoid: The Music (may it rest in peace). When I heard the gacha game that featured Miku and the gang was getting localized, I jumped on the pre-download faster than that one part of the extreme chart of 2D Dream Fever. More than 80 days since its launch, I’ve been playing obsessively (sorry to my Twitter followers and Discord friends for having to put up with it! But also, not sorry) and began to wonder, what songs from my childhood would work best in this game and what group would they fall into? In honor of 3/9, here are 9 songs that do just that, and surely would destroy my thumbs in the process.

1. Donut Hole: ハチ MV「ドーナツホール」HACHI / DONUT HOLE

For legendary producer Hachi’s 2013 GUMI release, I think the honor should go to Leo/Need. Their whole aesthetic revolves around a twangy guitar, a rocking beat and rhythm in hand. Donut Hole (though it is a GUMI solo song which may be a slight headache for Crypton and Sega) is at its core a simple love song, though its creative flair (and incredibly dripped out costumes) tell a much more vivid story, one that Leo/Need can tackle in spades.

2. Childish War:

Since both Rin and Len are present within the Street Sekai, I would like to see Giga-P’s Childish War covered here. Since the Bads are also split down the middle in terms of the male to female ratio, I think a PV featuring Rin, Kohane and An on one side taking on Len, Akito and Toya on the other would be incredibly fun to watch from a visual perspective. The vocals would be similarly backed up, as the team’s voices would act as a backup to the twins in their rousing argument. The fact it ultimately ends in a draw is the funniest part, which means the entire conflict was for nothing. Go figure.

3. Online Game Addicts Sprechchor: [60fps Full風] Online Game Addicts Sprechchor ネトゲ廃人シュプレヒコール – Hatsune Miku 初音ミク DIVA English Romaji

“The online world, again today, is rife with isolated, pitiful efficiency nerds”. That’s the opening line to this Miku song, and considering the gaming/computer theme, this is a song that could go to Nightcord at 25:00. Hear me out. I know it would be unusually upbeat of a track for the groups more moody or melancholic covers, though I could see only Kanade and Mizuki being the ones to cover this song. After all, Kanade is the one tied to her computer and Mizuki is a fan of all things cute, so approaching it from the angle as if they got addicted to an MMO with character customization aspects just makes sense. Plus, the song oddly has a bit of a glum side (despite the exciting tone to it) message-wise, since it’s about gaming addicts who are maligned to the real world and barely have the skills to function. Fitting for Nightcords streak of heavier topics.

4. Snow White Princess Is: [60fps MEIKO Full風] The Snow White Princess is 白い雪のプリンセスは – MEIKO メイコ DIVA Arcade English Romaji

This one is somewhat of a pure vanity pick for me, but there exists an incredible cover of The Snow White Princess Is that uses Meiko as the main vocal over Miku. Meiko, the virtual singer known to be so incredibly difficult to tune that Crypton often sidelines her for the more popular of the group, took what was originally a Miku song and ran laps around her. The cover is incredible, and as the resident Meiko stan I would be in full favor of that version being added to the game. I’m thinking maybe around Christmastime this year. Please?

5. Electric Angel: 【Kagamine Rin・Len】Electric Angel “えれくとりっく・えんじぇぅ”【VOCALOID-PV】

More More Jump’s whole shtick is songs that have a more bubbly feeling to them. Here, by having MMJ Rin, Airi and Shizuku cover the Giga-P version of the song, they could give it a good balance between the Yasuo-P and Miku original and the hard electronic beat of the cover to carve out an identity of their own. Plus, the song has a great stage presence and could make for a really interesting performance from the group.

6. Magical Girl Eudaemonics: [Eng Sub] Magical Girl Eudaemonics [Hatsune Miku]

Tohma (known for Skeleton Orchestra and Lillia and Envy Catwalk) tends to create songs that are fast paced, darker, and absolute murder in a rhythm game setting. Then of course, the perfect recipient for a song that centers around a magical girl contract gone wrong is WonderlandsxShowtime! The group does have its fair share of tricky demons, songwise (Your Adventure Log has Vanished! and BURIKI NO DANCE come to mind) so in a speed sense it wouldn’t be out of place. With Emu acting as the main vocal and Tsukasa and Rui backing, I could see the sugar coated nightmare of a song going perfectly with the groups aesthetic.

7. Leave in the Summer, Yet You’re in my Fluffoughts- Leo/Need Hatsune Miku – Leave In Summer, Yet You’re In My Fluffoughts (夏に去りし君を想フ)

Another song that revolves around melancholy, ARPK2 (as the song is also known as) leans more into the electronic swing genre of music. However, by using Saki’s vocals and Miku and the gang on the instruments, the song can be used to give life to Saki’s loneliness in her hospital stay and lack of contact to her friends, who in turn would be growing apart just as the song describes. 

8. The Dirty and Unmanly Force Urotander- WonderlandxShowtime KAITO/Vocaloid’s “卑怯戦隊うろたんだー” with English Lyric

I absolutely adore how WxS tackles what were originally vocal synth and grand in nature songs and then converts them to their natural evolution; a stage play. Case in point, Urotander (featured in Project Diva X) suits the group perfectly, with Kaito taking his role as lead vocal and the Wonderlands gang playing a group of  rescue rangers with underhanded tactics. This song is so fantastical in nature, I could see a whole event based on it! Rollable Power Ranger-esque rare costumes and all. 

9. SNOBBISM- Vivid Bad Squad Neru & z’5 – SNOBBISM feat. Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len

Neru’s Music has always had a rebellious, somewhat despair inducing, and all together heinously catchy edge. Similar to Becoming Potatoes which was added to the game during it’s first Halloween event, SNOBBISM would instead adopt more of the punk vibe of Vivid Bad Squad than WonderlandsxShowtimes whimsical one. Being a four part duet between Kohane and the group, I could see this song being one where they vent their frustrations about the expectations of the crowd, all to the slammin’ beat of Neru’s musical talents. 

Each of these songs represents a big part of my Vocaloid journey to me. Seeing them become full tracks in this game would be a trip, and as I’ve grown fond of  each group in the time that I’ve played, It would basically be a culmination of my interests at this time in a huge way. Happy Miku Day!

1 thought on “Nine Songs I Would Like to See Covered in Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage (And Their Respective Groups)”

  1. Donut Hole is very likely to come to the JP server for the 1.5 anniversary, unfortunately without a cover.

    You are probably the only one that has not suggested a sibling based cover of Childish War! If we keep the usual 5 characters limit, a cover with An, Akito and the Kagamines would work very well.

    Akina (Kohane’s VA) talked about Online Game Addicts Sprechchor in the latest Miku Day stream as a song that brought back lots of memories for her. Mizuki is a bit of a nerd actually so this song fits better than you think.

    Beyond Snow White Princess, I think Meiko, Kaito and Luka should be used more in the Sekai versions, even when they are not the OG Singers.

    Completely agree with Electric Angel, except maybe for the singers: I think Minori would fit better than Airi.

    I love Magical Girl Eudaemonics! I would prefer a full group or a Nene/Emu cover but your option works too.

    Leo/Need is actually pretty constrained by its status as a rock band so sadly electroswing is a no-go. I think MMJ or the Vivids would be a great alternative.

    Urotander would be great for WxS indeed! Especially with a 3D MV going full Super Sentai!

    Nothing to say about your suggested cover of Snobbism, it sounds great!

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