The Quest for All FGO Daughters: A Journal (Prelude)

A common question in the mind of FGO NA players who are able to look two years into the game’s future is “What now?”

I had this same thought myself once I managed to get Miyu this February. I had started the game just because I heard she had been added to JP. I managed to get her to NP3, fully grailed her, and am on the way to getting her to Bond lvl 10, but what does this game have for me beyond Miyu? The answer to that for me currently lies in my favorite servants.

Of the female Servants who are children, I have nineteen of them: Beni-Enma, Illyasviel Von Einzbern, Jack the Ripper, Sitonai, Abigail Williams, Chloe Von Einzbern, Ibaraki Douji (Lancer), Medusa Lily, Mary Reed, Miyu Emiya, Helena Blavansky, Nursery Rhyme, Mochizuki Chiyome, Stheno, Chacha, Ibaraki Douji (Berserker), Eurayle, Kiyohime, and Paul Bunyan.

So I have decided that my goal from now to the end of FGO will be to collect all of them and continue this journal that I have hereby dubbed “The Quest for all FGO Daughters”. Why this category of character specifically? Because they’re cute

The goal: collect all child female servants, Grail at least one of each class to lvl 100, and get them all to Bond lvl 10. This will of course be a completely Free to Play journey and journal (outside of GSSR), both to avoid potentially bankrupting myself and because these wouldn’t be particularly interesting journals if the result was always “And then I spent money until I got the result I wanted.”

This will be a monumentally long task, the time it takes to Bond 10 the servants alone can take potential years, let alone how long it will take to get enough grails to get so many of them to lvl 100. This will easily last me until the game eventually shuts down.

I currently have a lvl 100 of the following classes: Caster (Miyu), Lancer (Medusa Lily), Assassin (Jack the Ripper). I have so far only gotten two characters to Bond 10: Medusa Lily and Paul Bunyan. Below I have created a graph to show what Bond lvl each character is at for reference 

Similar to my Miyu journey journals I will not just catalog the relevant banners but also my thoughts on every event and Story Chapter I participate in between these banners.

So, what daughters remain to be collected? Looking at the schedule for the next two years there are currently ten I am missing. Let’s go over them in the order I will be able to potentially get them.

July 2021: Da Vinci Lily and Paris

Yes I’m counting Paris. Both because I wanted to bring this list to an even ten and because I don’t want to grail Chloe and need an Archer class servant to take her place. Plus they’re cute so it’s a win-win situation.

Da Vinci is a 5-Star Servant of the Rider class. Normally this would make getting her a monumental task but thankfully she comes at anniversary time, which will bring a large amount of free quartz. The anniversary quartz, in addition to the amount I’ll be saving between now and then, should theoretically make getting her easy. However there’s always the gacha factor, even good odds can screw you over.

Paris on the other hand is a 2-Star servant of the Archer class added to the friend point gacha. Getting them is a guarantee to all players. Them being a 2-Star will also help them be one of the first characters to get to Bond 10. Similar to Bunyan before I got her to Bond 10 I can put Paris in the back row of the party for next to no cost in any fight, allowing constant Bond grinding.

These two are near guarantees for me to get and Da Vinci is the Rider servant I plan to grail.

June 2022: Erice Utsumi

Erice is a very easy get here, she is a 4-Star Lancer given away for free to all players who complete the Fate/Requiem collab event next June. Since she’s given away for free I won’t need to use any quartz to get her and can instead prioritize saving for everyone else on this list.

If any of you want to complain about me putting her on the list, shut up. The game itself gives her the child trait. I’m not wrong.

July 2022: Kama

Yes there is nearly a full year between the first two banners I’ll be pulling for for this journal. You may think that makes saving all the quartz I’ll need for this journal easy, but let me assure you this long period of time to save quartz is necessary. For the second half of 2022 is full of child banner after child banner.

I was unable to pull Kama, a 5-Star Assassin, during his first banner earlier this year and while next July is the last traditional banner to get her I do theoretically have two chances beforehand with the 4th Anniversary and 5th Anniversary GSSRs. However betting everything on those would be foolish, with every limited 5 Star in GSSR banners the odds of getting a specific one is too low. I shall however hope, because 2022’s second half begins with Kama and doesn’t slow down.

To add stakes this is also likely to be Kama’s final banner for quite a while, so I either get her here or not at all.

August 2022: Summer Illya and Abigail Williams

Yes, the game’s 5th summer event brings summer alts of two characters I already have with it. I actually played the JP briefly just to experience Summer Illya in action; she’s a fun looper.

Summer Illya is a 4-Star Archer and Summer Abigail is a 5-Star Foreigner. Unfortunately they are not the same banner and are split across two different summer banners, so I won’t be able to pull for both at once. If I am running low on quartz at any point I will prioritize getting Illya over getting Abigail as Prisma Illya is my favorite Fate work.

Summer 5 is full of amazing characters so I won’t be upset if I pull anyone else, but I’m mostly just here for Illya.

September 2022: Wu Zetian

Wu Zetian, a 4-Star Assassin, is a wild card, out of all the characters I will be trying to get during these journals she is the only one who is not limited in any way. She can theoretically pop up at any time while I’m pulling for other characters. In fact I’m hoping that happens, I would love to not have to worry about pulling her on this specific banner sandwiched between Summer and the next characters I’m pulling for.

I have very little to say about Wu Zetian herself, she’s just not a character who crosses my mind often and I’ll be going for her just to fill out the list

November 2022: Van Gogh

Van Gogh comes in November, I remember a lot of people really disliking her design when she was first revealed. Personally it’s one of my favorite designs in the game and I don’t know how it got so much hate.

Van Gogh is a 5-Star Foreigner so getting her may have some difficulty, but she shares her banner with only one other character so the odds are a bit better than usual.

I’m very excited to learn exactly what is up with Van Gogh, I know she’s a villain of some sort but none of the details so that’ll be very interesting to see.

December 2022: Ibuki Douji and Medea Lily

I do not like Ibuki Douji’s design. Something about it rubs me in the wrong way, but because her first ascension is a child I will be going for her to fill out this list. She’s a 5-Star Saber so getting her comes with all the usual difficulties of pulling a 5-Star.

The 4-Star Caster in the banner: Medea Lily is my true goal with this banner though. She may have been in the game for years but she very rarely is available in banners. Getting her here will be a badge of pride for me even if I don’t need any more Casters, especially support Casters.


And those are the ten servants I will be going for, most of them coming within the same 6 month period. It’s inevitable that I won’t get them all, but I’ll try my hardest. This list is subject to grow at any time because JP is always adding more characters. 

These journals will document my character pulls, my progress grailing and increasing bond with the characters I have, and my thoughts on each event and Story Chapter. I can’t say how often these journals will come out, many of them will mostly be put of as filler articles when the site needs them, but I hope you’ll all enjoy going on this journey with me

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  1. Hi, I’m actually really enjoying these journals. I found them while looking for a reason to use my Medusa Lily, so your defiant use of her is commendable. (Added you on NA, username Soul :P)

    A couple of things to note. Firstly, Paris is explicitly male, if you didnt know, and Kiyohime is most certainly not a child. Just thought i’d chime in. Hope to see more from you, it’s always an entertaining read!

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