Sakura Kakumei Archival Project

On April 22nd, the official Sakura Kakumei website announced that it would be shutting down the game’s service on June 30th. Once the servers go dark, the app will effectively become a piece of lost media, one of many failed smartphone games that was quickly shunted from the universe’s collective memory.

While there are people out there who cheer for this and want the game to vanish from memory outside of the occasional mention in a YouTube video or forum post, we Sakura Wars fans won’t allow that. This franchise has been dead before and with the threat of the series going dormant again on the horizon we’re willing to preserve all that we can of this game.

Our Mission

Enter the Sakura Revolution Archival Project. This is a fan-centric effort, backed by The Combat Revue Review in every official capacity, to archive as much of Sakura Revolution: Hanasaku Otome-tachi as possible, before the servers go dark on June 30.

Our team is going through the to record video and screenshot everything we can – dialouge screencaps, video archives, audio archives, compiling as full an archive as we in the case that an offline version is not made available.

For real-world items Samantha Ferreria has been scouring the official website for files, scraping Twitter for images, and archiving whatever official video content we can retrieve from Delightworks and Sega’s accounts, as well as the official Sakura Revolution YouTube channel.

All of this will be properly cataloged and archived. Once complete, the archive will be distributed to the Internet Archive, and to every single outlet that is willing to keep a version of the files available.

What we’ve been archiving

We began this project as soon as the game closure was announced and have archived a fair bit of content. A brief rundown of what we’re gathering includes

  • Social Media
  • Full archive of the Sakura Revolution YouTube channel (46 videos)
  • Story
  • Full screenshot archive of Main Story: Prologue
  • Full screenshot archive of Side Story: Samurai Angelica’s Warrior Training
  • Video archive of Main Story: Chapter 4
  • Screenshot archive of Main Story: Chapter 1
  • Screenshot archive of Main Story: Chapter 4
  • In-Game Events 
  • Screenshot archive of player birthday events
  • Screenshot archive of Valentine’s Day events
  • Video archive of character Ougis
  • Video archive of character voices
  • Partial video of gacha character pulls
  • Other
  • Video archive of the credits screen (1 video)


This is a collective effort made up of various fans throughout the Sakura Wars fanbase. Our backgrounds differ, but we’re all allies in making sure that this chapter in the Sakura Wars universe continues to live on in our community’s collective memory.

Our current members include:

Skeith (@SkeithTheTerror)
Samantha Ferreira (@sam_animeherald)

With us luck… if you’re interested in joining the project, please let Samantha Ferreira know on Twitter

Source of the project: Combat Revue Review

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