Every Sakura Wars Love Interest Ranked

I love Sakura Wars, it’s one of my favorite franchises ever with Sakura Wars 2 being my favorite game of all time, and one of the reasons for that is the characters. The Sakura Wars franchise is full of amazing and well written characters. So with Sakura Kakumei coming out very soon, why not rank those characters before the gacha game doubles the amount of them?

For the purposes of making this ranking not take a million years I’ll only be ranking the love interests in the series. This is already going to be a lot of words and difficult to rank characters, I wouldn’t be able to handle putting characters like Grandmere, Tsubaki, and Ayame throughout the list. That’s too much work for me.

Also, this will be a ranking of just them as characters and how much I like them as a character. It will not be ranking them as love interests because I would feel really sad putting Iris and Rosarita at the very bottom.

23. Orihime Soletta

This is the only entry on the list where I do not like the character. I won’t bash on her too much since I personally know several Orhime fans (and you better be reading this). Gonna keep this one super short since I want to talk about why I love characters, not why I dislike one.

Orihime made her debut in Sakura Wars 2 as the first of two new members of the Flower Division introduced in that game. She…..didn’t make a good first impression. She is very mean to everyone and constantly talks about how Japan and the Japanese suck, and that’s the point. She isn’t supposed to be nice to everyone and hate the Japanese until her character chapter, but that’s not until halfway through the game, so dealing with her until then soured her a lot for me, and even then I feel she hadn’t really developed enough

Okay that’s the only character I dislike out of the way, let’s move on to the next few entries. Characters who I am indifferent to.

22. Sakura Amamiya

Yeah, a very low spot for the poster girl of the newest game. Sakura Amamiya has a lot of fans and her and her game bringing a lot of people into the series is great! However, I’m not her biggest fan. I just don’t find her very interesting.

Amamiya is a huge fangirl of the original Flower Division and of Sakura Shinguji especially, something we can all relate too. This fangirlness and sharing a name with Sakura Shinguji has led her to mold herself to be just like Sakura, an incident when Shinguji saved her when she was young was no small factor in this.

And that’s really all I find interesting about Amamiya. Everything else about her is really “been there, done that” for the series and characters. We’ve seen many clumsy characters accidentally ruin a performance, we’ve seen the parental figure sacrifice reveal before. There’s not much about Amamiya that’s really her own identity other than an admittedly really good relationship between her and Hatsuho.

Well, there is one thing unique about her that no other character in the series has had. Her relationship to her game’s protagonist, Seijuro. Seijuro and Amamiya were childhood friends growing up and the game just rolls with that trope all the way to a “I promise I’ll marry you when older” scene. I know I’m not alone in disliking this trope and it does sour Amamiya quite a bit for me.

Man, this makes it sound like I dislike Amamiya, I should clarify that I don’t. I’m just very indifferent to her.

21. Li Kohran

I hope the fact that I have someone from the first game this low shows I had absolutely no bias when ranking these characters. Kohran is the mechanic of the original team and a genius inventor….when her inventions aren’t exploding in everyone’s faces.

The reason Kohran is so low is pretty simple, she didn’t make a strong first impression. In the first game Kohran is the only character without a chapter focused on her, and because of that she never really comes to my mind when thinking about the original team.

Sakura Wars 2 fixes this by giving her her own character focused chapter and the anime does this tenfold by focusing more episodes on her than nearly every other character, but it’s hard to really think about those when Sakura Wars 2 has a million other things going on and the anime is the anime.

20. Glycine Bleumer

The first member of the Paris team on this list, and sadly she’s the lowest on it. Yeah, like Kohran above, Glycine’s low placement isn’t due to a dislike of the character, it’s due to me just not having much to talk about with her.

Don’t get me wrong, Glycine is badass. A noble woman who isn’t afraid to take out an axe and go full viking on someone is one of the reasons to love Sakura Wars. She even has her own ship in her backyard!

Glycine’s real strengths as a character for me come in her relationships with the rest of the cast. I’ve talked about this before in a previous article I’ve written, but one of the greatest parts of the first four games was how every member of the team had relations with the other members and I could make a diagram about how characters feel about each other if I wanted. Glycine is no exception, she has relations to nearly every member of the Paris Division. I love what she brings to the game even if I don’t have complex thoughts on her herself.

19. Hatsuho Shinomine

Oh hey, I was just talking about Amamiya, here’s her best friend. Hatusho is a shrine maiden and the strongest member of the New Flower Division.

And that’s all she wrote, folks! Yeah, there are more small character bits to Hatsuho like her relationship with Amamiya and how that leads to one of my favorite scenes in the new game where Amamiya and she have a fight over Amamiya running away and being selfish, and instead of a 90s-esque slap fight the two do genuinely punch each other. However as for Hatsuho herself, she really gets no focus in the game.

See, I’ve confused people in the past when I’ve called Hatsuho the 2019 game’s equivalent to Kohran. She’s obviously the new Kanna, right? Well I wasn’t referring to character whenever I said that, I was referring to her role in the game. Kohran in SW1 and Hatsuho in SW2019 both don’t get focus or a character chapter to themselves. Instead they serve the role of providing extra dialogue and character interactions during other characters’ chapters. This role isn’t wrong in any way, it’s just a bit boring and because of it neither of them really leave a strong first impression.

18. Clarissa Snowflake

Yeah, over half of the 2019 cast didn’t even make it into the top 15, I don’t mean anything by it. I do genuinely love the new game and think it’s a strong comeback for the series, it’s just that the Sakura Wars franchise has set such a high bar for good characters that’s going to be very hard to reach from here on out.

So while I compare Hatsuho to Kohran in a role sense and not a character sense, I can compare Claris to Iris in the sense of both! Yeah, Claris is the only member of the new cast that I can say without any pause is a new version of an old character’s….uh, character.

Just like Iris, Claris is a French girl gifted with extraordinary power who is troubled by said power, the two of them go on a date that (supposedly) leads to disaster that leads to them distancing themself from the main character until, during a demon attack, they get some words of encouragement that help them grow close again and the powers aren’t an issue ever again.

Yeah, Claris’ chapter is basically a redux of Iris’ from SW1. However there are a few major differences that make it significantly less compelling to me. Iris is a child, Claris is an adult (Okay technically like 16 but we pretend that Sakura Wars ages don’t exist). As a child, Iris not being able to control her powers, getting scared, causing destruction, and running away from what has become her home is compelling because as a child she wouldn’t know how to handle all of that.

Claris on the other hand is not only an adult with full control of her magic, but also the incident that causes her to distance herself from Seijuro is not something as drastic as Iris destroying a theater, it’s that she summoned wind to save a child. Claris’ powers existing at all is why she is afraid, however because we never see anything bad about these powers it’s hard to take her word seriously on them being bad.

17. Kanna Kirishima

Yeah this is probably the most controversial character placement on this list. Sure Kohran being so low is a bit weird, but the amount of Kohran fans is pretty dwarfed by the number of Kanna fans. So her being so high, not even in the top 15, probably just destroyed all credibility I have.

Kanna is physically the strongest member of the original team, she ain’t afraid to show it either. She’ll gladly put her foot down to anyone who is acting high and mighty to her and eat all the kitchen has to offer.

Kanna’s most developed relationship in the first four games is easily her relationship with Sumire, the two of them start out as the worst of enemies, barely able to perform together without some fight breaking out. However over the course of time the two become as close as can be and while they never truly stop fighting it’s clear that it’s more playful fighting from their personality differences. When Sumire eventually retired, no one took it as hard as Kanna did

So why is Kanna so low? Well, and this may be a boring reason, but it all just comes down to personal taste for me. Yeah, Kanna’s good and all but those who know me and my unabashed love for characters like Azami and Hanabi (Yeah spoilers for the top of the list for anyone who doesn’t know me personally). I just prefer characters who are the antithesis of Kanna.

16. Lachette Altair

Oh hey, the first member of the New York Combat Revue to make it on this ranking….sorta….kinda. Yeah classifying Lachette on a Division is kind of hard for me. She debuted in Sakura Wars the Movie as a member of the Tokyo Flower Division before she got transferred to New York to be captain of the New York Star Division for SW5, but then she got injured and the Shinster became captain. So we kinda see an even amount of time of her on the Tokyo and New York teams since for the rest of 5 she takes on a support role more like the Wind Division of old.

However she is a love interest in 5 so I guess I do have to rank her on here. Lachette is cool and I do like her, however I would be lying if I said SW5 was the version of her I liked.

Yeah I prefer movie Lachette. The no nonsense girl who wants to end fights in the most efficient manner possible and doesn’t care about morals and then is confused on why Orihime and Reni aren’t so keen on liking her. Her arc of getting accepted by the Flower Division and presumably (well not presumably she is different in 5, but the movie sure isn’t good at showing this growth) going to act more, uh, not borderline crazy killer is something I like in the movie.

In addition, the song she and Sakura sing during the climax is one of my favorite songs in the franchise. Hey, speaking of that climactic play, how was Lachette helping the villains in the movie? This has absolutely nothing to do with her character or my list but I need to know. Hell, I didn’t even know she was working for them until a 4Koma told me she was!

15. Sagitta Weinberg

I had to look up how to spell her name when writing this. Not a good sign.

Sagita is a member of the New York Star Division and a lawyer from Harlem. She became a lawyer after her friend went to jail without proper representation so she chose to become someone who would help the downtrodden in court. Anyone else getting Ace Attorney protagonist vibes?

Her arc in the fifth game comes from how she’s lost sight of her original goal and had unwittingly become a pawn of the rich businessmen who don’t actually care about the people of Harlem. It’s probably honestly the only time the fifth game takes advantage of the New York setting to do a story arc that wouldn’t have worked in the previous games. Eventually she realizes where she went wrong and remembers her roots. Also she rides a motorcycle and that’s cool.

In the Nisa localization of Sakura Wars 5, Sagitta’s name was changed from Sagitta Weinberg to Cherion Archer for seemingly no reason. Okay, grab your tin foil hats because I’m going full conspiracy theorist on this one. I said earlier that Sagitta gives off Ace Attorney protagonist vibes, well at the time of Sakura Wars 5’s localization the most recent Ace Attorney game was Apollo Justice. A greek god’s first name and a last name that’s a vague cool word. I smell an injoke among the localizers. I have nothing to support this conspiracy though

It’s nice that Sagitta is our first person of color love interest though? What? They show her bringing fried chicken for breakfast in the OVA? Nooooooooo.

14. Gemini Sunrise

The samurai girl of the lonestar state. Gemini is from Sakura Wars 5 but technically she made her debut in Sakura Wars 5 Episode 0. However we all pretend Episode 0 never happened.

Gemini is nice, but a lot of her clumsy antics as a result of being a main girl in a Sakura Wars game are kinda “been there, done that” and there’s not many ways to escalate that trope after Erica’s time in the spotlight

However, although her clumsiness isn’t very unique or interesting for Gemini, her arc of having a dual personality is. Her “sister” Geminine is a vigilante who rides throughout New York on a horse fighting crime while wearing a mask that doesn’t conceal her identity. Nothing about that isn’t cool or hilarious. I’ll be honest, it’s actually been years since I’ve played Sakura Wars 5 so I don’t remember most of her arc. I remember liking it though so I’m sticking her here in the list.

Gemini is cool even if the jokes about her master being perverted run thin after the first few. Moving on.

13. Anastasia Palma

Man this character has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Upon reveal she was my least favorite character for the new team. Then after my first playthrough of the Japanese version she shot up to my third favorite of the new team. Now she’s my second favorite of the team, she’s guaranteed not to ever move into the number one slot of the new team for me but considering who she’s up against second place isn’t anything to scoff at.

A famed actress from Europe brought to the New Tokyo Flower Division to help with performances because, to put it frankly, the New Flower Division’s shows had been disasters up to that point. With the help of Anastasia’s acting lessons and Claris’ writing the team is eventually able to start performing well.

For most of the game, Anastasia isn’t in the spotlight but the scenes she has with Seijuro during free time will often end up being simultaneously the sweetest and funniest moments in the game. Anastasia might not be my favorite of the new cast, but her romantic dynamic with Seijuro is my favorite and one of the most natural feeling in the series

Her arc is also pretty great, something that really hadn’t been done in Sakura Wars before. I won’t spoil it because the new game is still pretty recent, but it’s nice to know even this many games and character arcs in Sakura Wars can still do something original.

12. Erica Fontaine

The main girl of the Paris Flower Division, a nun with machine guns. I could really end this entry here. That’s enough to earn the number 12 spot.

Erica is clumsy. Very clumsy. She can’t take five steps out of her home without tripping or being arrested for having machine guns on her. However what I like about Erica’s clumsiness more than the other clumsy girls in the series is how over the top it is. Erica will trip into something, only for that to break and lead to a chain reaction of destruction. Or lead to a chase down a hill to catch melons.

In addition to her clumsiness being funny, the game actually has it be part of her arc. The constant problems she causes while training with the Flower Division and eventually losing her place to stay at the church because of this clumsiness eventually lead to her running off in the middle of the night in honestly one of the most emotional scenes in the original games.

And then the next morning she sings the Good Morning song! This song is probably the most memorable part of Erica for many people. It’s the perfect mix of comedy and Noriko Hidaka’s amazing singing voice, so many people have set this song as their alarm since the game released. It’s iconic

11. Rikaritta Aries

See this is why I specifically stated before the main ranking part that I would be ranking them all based on how they are as characters and not based on them as love interests. Because I would feel bad if I was forced to put the child characters in the bottom four slots.

Rika is a member of the New York Star Division and the only Mexican character in the series. She is quick on the draw and isn’t afraid to solve problems using her gold and silver pistols.

She also has her trusty companion Niko with her at all times, provided she is fed enough to not be hungry enough to eat him. Please feed her, Niko’s life depends on it!

Her name was changed from Rikarita to Rosarita in the Nisa localization. Unlike Sagitta’s name change this one is pretty obvious why it happened. Rikaritta isn’t a real name and Rosarita is. I actually prefer Rosarita as a name myself but it appears with the new game her and Sagitta are going from their old localised names to their real ones.

I don’t have too much to say about Rika other than i think she’s a really cool character. However I will have to deduct points because she said no when I asked her to be my daughter. I’m joking of course, probably, maybe.

10. Colquelicot

Top ten time! Which means Colquelicot placing this high must be raising a lot of eyebrows. To that I say, I just like who I like okay? I have a character type I love. As mentioned before I am ranking characters as characters and not as romantic options. If I were to rank them romantically the child characters would be at the bottom. Anyway, Colquelicot. The youngest member of the Paris Flower Division and easily the Sakura Wars character with the hardest to spell name.

A true circus child, she lives and breathes the circus. Living there with the animals her whole life has resulted in her bonding with them. It isn’t uncommon to see a monkey around her or, in the most extreme cases, her riding an elephant around Paris.

Her arc can be a bit uncomfortable. The ringleader of the circus wasn’t a good man, especially to the animals and Colquelicot. It was far from a good living situation for her. Then a nice new lady began working at the circus and things seemed to look up, only for that nice lady to be a snake-lady! She may have been evil and would have killed Colquelicot but at least she got rid of the ringleader

Okay, it’s finally time to move on from characters I like to characters I LOVE.

9. Maria Tachibana

If there’s one thing that will raise more eyebrows than having the child characters so high, it’s not having Maria Tachibana herself in the top 5. However please remember that we are now at characters I love, placing this high is far from something to scoff at.

Maria is always high on most people’s favorite character lists and for good reason, she’s amazing. From a great backstory involving her captain in Russia dying to an overall great personality Maria has it all.

One of my favorite aspects of Maria is how although at first she seems like an extremely cold person, she really isn’t. Sure, she can be strict at times but not nearly as much as other people in her character trope in similar franchises. Throughout the original games and OVAs she is constantly demonstrating how much she cares for the team and being nice to everyone.

Her apron while cooking and her nervousness upon volunteering to show off her talent in Gouka Kenran were adorable as well.

8. Lobelia Carlini

Easily one of the most unique feeling characters in the series, no other Sakura Wars girl is like Lobelia. Unlike every other character on the other teams Lobelia didn’t initially join the Paris team by choice. Lobelia is a criminal, and a very competent one at that. In one of the Paris OVAs we see a section of Paris nearly be torn asunder just attempting to catch her. She eventually joins the team by force, with Grandmere being in charge of her prison sentence

This results in one of the most compelling character chapters in the series, with intrigue over whether or not Lobelia will betray the team, Ogami nearly snapping and threatening to draw his sword on her, her burning the Mona Lisa so it doesn’t get stolen! It’s all amazing stuff.

While cold and not trustworthy at first she does subtly and slowly become closer to the Paris team. It says a lot that when later in the game the Chat Noir is under attack she is the first person to jump in front of an attack to protect Erica. Sealing her position as one of my favorite characters.

7. Iris Chateaubriand

I can already feel the heat of eyes glaring at me for putting Iris this high on the list. There is no good reason for Iris to be two places above Maria. However I would just like to remind you before you skewer me that I put that as a character, not as a love interest rule at the beginning exactly because I didn’t want to make myself put Iris at the bottom. We can all agree that her relationship with Ogami is weird and gross if you go for her endings. Alright, let’s move on and then you can comment about how Maria should be in the top 7.

Iris is a good character and I really like what she adds to the team dynamic of the original games. Future child characters in the series like Rika or Azami are on the same level as the adults on the team, but Iris is very much a child. When we are introduced to her we Sakura talks about reading her Mother Goose, and in the T.V. series Sumire stays by her bedside when she’s sick

While her being a child is annoying to many players, I find it charming. It leads to many great moments and character dynamics. Sakura Wars has somehow thought of two seperate ways for Iris’ birthday to be a storyline on the game’s and T.V. series and I’m genuinely impressed that they don’t feel alike

I actually wrote an article on Iris previously that you can read here

6. Reni Milchstraße

The other new team member introduced in Sakura Wars 2, and one of my lead pieces of evidence for whenever I say that Ogami is a complete buffoon.

For the first half of the game Ogami is unaware that Reni is a girl, not because she hides it or anything but just because he doesn’t realize it. When Ogami eventually walks in on her swimming naked he starts having a conversation and it takes him so long to notice she’s not a guy. I love Ogami, but he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Anyway, Reni herself. Reni isn’t a very outgoing character. She is very calm at all times and rarely raises her voice, which makes the few times she does hit you like a truck. She also has a very sweet dynamic with Iris, one of the most energetic members of the original team. Leading to not only a great character chapter for Reni but also a great OVA episode and amazing songs.

Speaking of Reni and songs, game and OVA Reni may be next to stoic but stage show Reni appears to be the opposite, maybe, I admittedly haven’t delved much into the stage shows for the series but the few clips I have seen of Reni are very energetic. I could listen to her sing good morning for hours.

5. Sumire Kanazaki

The Great Imperial Theater’s top star herself. If you could describe any character as a queen, it would be Sumire. Sumire is a complete diva, thinking herself better than everyone else in the theater because she’s beautiful, rich, and is a great actress.

However Sumire also has the most dynamic character in the franchise. Of course everyone thinks about Sumire and Kanna’s relationship first. One that began with Sumire helping Kanna leave the theater at the start of Ouka Kenran and ending with the two exchanging tears when Sumire retired. However Sumire’s character growth goes beyond just Kanna. She becomes nicer to everyone in the theater, in Sakura Wars 2 she is willing to sacrifice her own happiness and enter an arranged marriage in order for the theater to stay in business before Kanna and Ogami come and save her. The Sumire from Ouka Kenran and Sakura Wars 1 wouldn’t have been willing to do that

Then there’s her relationship with the series main girl herself, Sakura Shinguji. While Kanna and Sumire’s relationship is the one everyone focuses on, I find their relationship to be just as good if not better. Sumire has no respect for Sakura in SW1 and Ouka Kenran. Even in Sakura Wars 2 they’re more rivals than friends. However then the Sumire OVA happened, the OVA that retired Sumire. In this OVA Sumire says Sakura has to take over as the theater’s top star. Sakura is completely unsure of herself, thinking that Kanna, or Kohran, or even Iris are better than her. Sumire however reassures Sakura that even if she hasn’t blossomed yet, she will one day grow into being better than even Sumire,

And then like, a few years later the Shadow Tokyo stuff happened but that’s neither here nor there. Neither Sumire or the writers were thinking about the new game back in 2000.

And that actually segues me into the new game. Sumire is in it. In fact she’s the only member of the old cast who’s around. Being the only survivor of the Shadow Tokyo incident she has taken over Yoneda’s role as the commander of the Flower Division and manager of the theater. As the theater manager she has been helping a whole new cast of characters blossom into the best they could be as she waits for Sakura and her friends to return home.

Also, I couldn’t find a good way to segue into this part, but at the end of the new game you can find a bromide of Sumire and Ogami on her shelf. Unlike other bromides in the game it’s location implies this is a real in universe photo, so Sumire won out as canon girl is the implication. Anyway, Sumire’s great. We stan a queen.

4. Subaru Kujo

The next few entries are less entries 4-2 and more a three way tie for second place. I love the rest of the list more than a majority of fictional characters period, so missing out on 1st place isn’t a big deal. If you’ve been paying attention to what characters are left you’ve probably noticed that this top 4 are all characters from different teams. I swear that wasn’t intentional but it does go to show that every game in this franchise has amazing characters

Subaru is an amazing character. They are one of the calmest characters in the series and when the New York game was full of characters like Gemini, Charion, and Rosarita that made them stand out. However just because Subaru is calm doesn’t mean they are stoic. Subaru is a master of snark, if they’re around when someone says something dumb there’s a near guarentee they’ll have something to say about that.

Subaru was also one of my first experiences with a nonbinary character in fiction and I have seen many people love Subaru as representation so they have that going for them.

I honestly don’t have too much to say about Subaru, which might be odd considering they placed number 4, but hey, placing number 4 should demonstrate enough that I love them.

3. Hanabi Kitaoji

And rounding off the Paris Flower Division members we have Hanabi at number 3! Yeah Hanabi is not usually at the top of people’s favorite Paris Division members, she’s usually topped by Lobelia and Erica. However Hanabi tops them for me just because she’s more my type of character.

A recent widow, when first met in Sakura Wars 3 Hanabi is anything but over her fiance’s death. Which makes her the perfect target for a demon that takes advantage of that sadness to pray upon widows. Trapping her in an illusion of the ship Phillipe died on before getting ready to kill her.

The Paris Flower Division saves her from this illusion and she accepts that Phillipe is dead and not coming back. However this doesn’t mean that she just gets over Phillipe and moves on to Ogami. Many times during the game she’ll still be thinking about Phillipe or visiting his grave. Because of course she would be, she’s an actual person after all and not just a love interest. One of Sakura Wars greatest strengths has always been portraying it’s love interests as having lives outside of just being a girl Ogami dates.

Also there’s a point when Hanabi meets Sakura Shinguji and gushes over how much of a yamato nadeshiko Sakura is and it’s adorable. Speaking of Sakura Shinguji,

2. Sakura Shinguji

The poster girl of the entire franchise. Sakura Shinguji is an iconic gaming character, albeit for the more niche gaming crowd.

However despite being the poster girl, it would be a lie to say the series revolves around her. She is just another character, albeit a really good one. Being the archetype that all future main girls follow she is very clumsy, which leads to disasters like the destruction of the stage or arguments with Sumire.

Sakura also has deep family issues. Her father was a member of the original demon fighting squad and sacrificed himself to save the world from demons. Since she has the Shinguji blood flowing through her veins she has the ability to perform the same ritual to do so, and she would be more than willing to when it was brought. Of course, neither Ogami or the rest of the Flower Division would allow that. Sakura Wars as a franchise follows the self sacrifice is stupid mindset with the original demon fighting squad being viewed as a tragedy rather than a heroic moment.

Sakura has too many great dynamics with characters to count. I could watch Sakura interact with any other character for hours, I already highlighted her relationship with Sumire but another great dynamic she has is with Maria. There are many scenes with Sakura and Maria together and although it’d be hard to say they really affect each other’s development their interactions are great because of how different they are while also getting along

Her relationship with Ogami is also great, her ending in Sakura Wars 1 is one of the greatest in the series and one of few times an onscreen kiss ever happens

Sakura Shinguji is great and I hope she can return one day in a non-Yasha way.

1. Azami Mochizuki

Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me knew that Azami would be number one. She has been my social media avatar since her design was revealed and I wear my love for her on my sleeve.

When Azami was first revealed I immediately fell in love with the design. Something about a young yellow ninja maid just clicked for a perfect character design to me. I chose to make her my social media profile picture until the game released in English because I had been a Sakura Wars fan for years waiting for a new game and I wanted to show my excitement. Over the time period of waiting for the new game to come out I ended up commissioning several different Azami fanarts just so I would have more profile pictures.

So with that said it would have been a complete tragedy if the game came out and I ended up not liking Azami. Thankfully, my faith was well placed and she is easily my favorite character in the franchise.

I have trouble putting it into words, everything about her just clicks. From her overall personality of appearing to be a stoic ninja but also being a kid who will try to reach for snacks while playing hide and seek, to the comedy that comes from having a ninja on the team and how Seijuro doesn’t know how to handle that, to the emotional moments like her character chapter or how before the finale she pats Seijuro on the head to comfort him.

Azami is one of my favorite characters in fiction and I cannot wait to see more of her in the next Sakura Wars game. A side effect of me always having Azami profile pictures is that pretty much everyone I know associates Azami with me and that makes me really happy.

And that’s every Sakura Wars love interest ranked and by god that’s a lot of words. Sakura Wars has always and most likely will always have some of the greatest characters in fiction. Even if a lot of them aren’t the most complex people in the world, they always feel like people. None of them are 1-dimensional or don’t develop. Even Orihime, the one I don’t like has many fans who love her and she does develop over the course of Sakura Wars 2.

The characters of Sakura Wars have always been amazing and I’m looking forward to Kakumei and the new characters it’s going to be adding to this already large universe.

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