Playing FGO for One Character: A Journal (Part 2)

Welcome back to my playing through FGO for one character journal. Episode 2, or as I like to call it: Capitalizing of the game’s 5th anniversary for views! If you haven’t read part one of this journal yet, please read here so you know what servants I have and how things have been going so far. 

If you’re too lazy to read that, here’s a short recap on why I started playing Fate/Grand Order. I am a huge Prisma Illya fan and I learned Miyu was in FGO, however as of now she has exactly one banner, giving me one chance to get her. So I decided to get into the game so I can get her.

Last journal I left off after GudaGuda 2. I was playing through Babylonia when that event started and it was a fantastic event full of characters I loved, speaking of characters I loved when I finally got back to doing Babylonia I greatly enjoyed the amount of screentime Medusa Lily got, being my first 4 Star servant I have a soft spot for her.

Throughout Babylonia I had next to no trouble with the fights, the story chapter was full of Rider class enemies, which Jack tore through like paper. When I eventually got to the final battle against Tiamat, she was finished off by Yagyu’s Noble Phantasm like Artoria before her.

And that finally brought me to the final story chapter of Fate/Grand Order Part 1. Final Singularity Solomon. Solomon is referred to by some people as the Avengers Endgame of Fate, nearly every single servant that Fate fans know shows up for the final battle at Solomon’s Temple of Time. Even Illya and Chloe from Prisma Illya show up.

The fights against the demon pillars went smoothly for me, then I reached Solomon himself. Solomon is a caster class servant and I had no leveled Riders to be effective against him. In addition he constantly casts evade on himself making him impossible to hit.

It was a grueling fight, I had to retry several times out of stubbornly not wanting to use even a single saint quartz to revive myself. Eventually with the help of the With One Strike craft essence and some luck with Medusa Lily’s Noble Phantasm I was able to win. The one who landed the final blow was Medusa Lily. She was the first 4 Star I got, the first servant I put effort into, and now she was going to finish this.

It was a clutch victory, if I hadn’t used command seals to recharge her NP over and over I would have lost

Of course, Solomon wasn’t the final boss of Solomon. The fight after him, Goetia, was significantly easier. Through the combined effort of Saber Shiki, Jack, Medusa Lily, Ibaraki, Alexander, and a support Merlin I was able to take down Goetia with relative ease.

My final boss party

Once I had completed Solomon, and thus Part 1 of Fate/Grand Order it was time to move on to Epic of Remnant, or Part 1.5 as the game calls it.

Or at least it would have been, but it just so happened another event started right as I was about to move on to the Epic of Remnant content. This event was 1 mission a day, so I did it while going through the beginning of Epic of Remnant, but for the sake of streamlining let me go over my thoughts on it right here.

Murder at the Kogetsukan was an event centered around Sherlock Holmes and a murder mystery, which had little to no combat at all and was mostly just reading through the mystery. 

I had a lot of fun with the event, seeing Fate Grand Order’s servants in a completely different tone and environment like this was a great joy, and talking about the event with some friends led to several great conversations.

There exists a universe where Lancelot banged Raikou

And so I began Epic of Remnant’s first chapter, Shinjuku. It was honestly not something I enjoyed, people had built up Jeanne Alter as a good and funny character, but throughout the entire Singularity I just found her annoying. A lot of servants in this Singularity happened to get on my nerves a lot.

However even with some annoyances, there were a few stand out characters like Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty, and Hessian Lobo were great characters who I enjoyed seeing when they were on screen.

Unfortunately what I just said about there being a few stand out characters in the cast cannot be said for the next Singularity of Epic of Remnant, Agartha.

Agartha was probably my least favorite Singularity I actually read (I didn’t read many of the early game ones). Many of the characters in it were either just uninteresting or annoying, even Astolfo, a character I generally enjoyed in Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Extella was significantly more annoying in Agartha.

Gameplay wise Agartha wasn’t much better, with moments like Megalos effectively having twelve health bars you need to take down, to the Singularity’s end having many Caster class enemies which were hell to me who still hadn’t a lvled Rider. I actually stopped playing the Singularity once I got to the demon pillar, deciding to come back to it later.

My desire for a good Rider class servant was answered quickly as a Downloads milestone campaign had begun. Deciding to throw a random 30 quartz at the summon banner, which had summer servants, I somehow hit the jackpot. I didn’t get any of the servants who were on Rate Up with the banner, but instead I got Ozymandious, king of kings.

Kneel before him

Before moving on to the third Epic of Remnant Singularity, another event had started: GudaGuda 3. GudaGuda 3 was fantastic. A loveable cast of characters, a good plot, and some historical Japan references which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was probably my favorite of all the events I participated in so far.

I did one ten pull for it in hopes of getting the limited 3 Star Assassin servant Okada Izou, and as luck would have it I did. Having both Okada Izou and the free 4 Star of the event Ryoma Sakamoto felt amazing. Ryoma being a Rider would also be a great help when I went back to Agartha.

After that Japanese historical event, it was time to move onto Epic of Remnant’s third Singularity: Shimosa, also Japanese History themed.

Shimosa was easily my favorite Epic of Remnant chapter as you can guess, I make it no secret I am a big fan of Edo period Japan. So having a story chapter take place then, plus having Yagyu play a role in it was pure pleasure.

Nearly every character in this Singularity was likable in their own way, even the antagonists were great. It all accumulating in a one on one duel between Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro was beautiful, especially as a fan of Fate/Stay Night Kojiro

One thing I should mention before moving on is that while going through Epic of Remnant I was slowly working on lvling and grailing Jack and Medusa Lily. After what felt like an eternity of effort I had finally achieved it and my two daughters were well on their way to lvl 100.

I had also ordered a plush of Jack, because this game has thoroughly corrupted me. I shall hug her and protect her until the end of time.

Adorable little serial killer

I skipped the fourth and final Epic of Remnant story chapter Salem. Because the bonus bond points in that Singularity involve using Caster servants, which I had next to none of outside of Anastasia. I decided to save it for later.

Thus, I was brought to Fate/Grand Order Part 2: Cosmos in the Lostbelts. The Lostbelts were built up for me as I was playing through Part 1, being told how while Camelot was where FGO’s story went from bad to good, the Lostbelts were where it went from good to great.

And they were right. Both the prologue to the Lostbelts and Lostbelt number 1: Anastasia were fantastic story wise. Fighting Ivan the Terrible who had become a giant elephant while Salieri plays Dies Irae is one of the most unique and memorable moments I have experienced in a video game, and it somehow happened in a mobile gacha game!

Lostbelt number 1 has set a new bar for upcoming FGO story chapters for me, it was fantastic through and through.


Once I had finished Lostbelt 1: Anastasia, it was time for Lostbelt 2: Götterdämmerung. Götterdämmerung was not nearly as compelling as Anastasia for me. While the cast had some stand out characters like Napoleon and Sigurd, I was nowhere near as compelled by the story as I was in Anastasia.

However Lostbelt 2 was bringing with it much more than just the story chapter, as a few weeks after the Lostbelt was FGO’s third anniversary, and with it the chance to get one of the servants in the Lostbelt, and one of the best servants in the game, Skadi.

With her ability to buff Quick attacks and Noble Phantasms plus charge other people’s Noble Phantasms Skadi can make Quick based servants into complete monsters in battle, and since my favorite two servants so far were Jack the Ripper and Medusa Lily, I needed to have Skadi.

However before spending quartz on Skadi I first made sure to roll the GSSR, a guaranteed 5 Star servant for only $15 dollars was too good a deal to pass on. The GSSR gave me Sherlock Holmes, Hessian Lobo, and more Salieris than I could possibly need.

With the GSSR out of the way, it was time to roll for Skadi. The Skadi rolling was incredibly stressful, not helped with the knowledge that she gets very, very few rate ups in the future.

First roll, a second Medusa Lily and a Tamamo Cat. Not who I wanted but not bad, it’s just the first roll, things will look up soon. A few rolls later I see a gold caster card, could it be her? It wasn’t, it was Nitocris. Okay, a little bad luck things will pick up soon and I’ll get her. A few rolls later I got another gold servant, Marie Antoinette. Not a very useful servant on her own, but if I got a Skadi she could be helpful for grinding. I just need to keep rolling.

I rolled until I was completely out of quartz, with no sign of Skadi. However there was a final chance. A few days later I got the 10 anniversary summon ticket. With these I had 10 more chances for Skadi. I got a third Medusa Lily,  allowing me to raise her Noble Phantasm to level 3. 

And so I was coming down to my final roll, having spent around 200 Saint Quartz to get her, luck must have been smiling upon me. I had obtained Skadi.

However although getting Skadi will make any task in the game from now on easy, I was again back to square one. Miyu was coming in January and I had no saint quartz. Now that I had good servants of nearly every class, I made a decision. No more rolling. I need to save as many as I possibly can.

From now on my plan is to take any quartz fragments I get between now and Halloween and use those to attempt to roll for Sitonai on Halloween. Any regular quartz I get will be saved until Miyu. I will get her, I swear by this.

Oh, and I guess summer 2 Rerun happened but ending this journal on Skadi is a much more interesting ending than “And then Moriarty cheated in a race”.

My FGO friend code is 626,152,455 please feel free to friend me, I need more Supports. I swear I’ll get Skadi to 10/10/10 soon enough

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