Read to the end for a special announcement!
What a tumultuous six months it’s been, huh? Good thing for you, the Story Arc is still committed to bringing you content every Friday and the occasional Wednesday (and some other days too, if we have something to say) at 3PM PST/6PM EST. In addition, to our articles, make sure to check out our streams as well. Haven’t shouted those out enough, I feel. Check ‘em out here, on our Twitch channel. Of note this month, one of our streamers, Nick, is participating in the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta. If you’re not sure what that is, basically, he gets to play Final Fantasy V, and do it for charity. Pretty neat, huh? Look for one of his streams this weekend. Anyway, onto the articles.

Jre’s doing Virtual Odyssey as usual.

He’s also writing about The Last of Us Part II.

Listen, listen, listen, LISTEN! Don’t @ me! Keep me out of your Last of Us discourse! …Tweet at him instead.

Luke was gonna write about Under The Skin last month, but minor hiccups occurred. Look for it this Friday instead.

And I’ll be writing about Sailor Moon for the final time (for a little while. I ain’t quittin’ this show. It’s too good.)

Make sure to follow us here on WordPress, on Twitter, and join our Discord, if you’d like. And that should be everything. Now for that special announcement. We’re starting a podcast! Your familiar Story Arc brand nonsense, now in audio form! First episode has been recorded, and it’s covering the PS5 stream thing that happened a couple weeks ago. Look forward to that on the 5th.

Alright, that’s all folks!

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