Four months down. Eight to go. If you ignore math, we’re almost done with 2020 guys. Keep your chins up.
In the meantime, as always, every Friday (and the occasional Wednesday) we’ll be bringing you articles. In addition to teasing upcoming articles as usual, this month’s update will also come with a special announcement so stay tuned for that. Last month we uploaded every Friday, and every Wednesday, and even did a couple Monday articles as well. I hope you enjoyed that, because this month it’s back to minimum effort. As for what articles we’re releasing, you’ve got the usuals:

Jre’ll be bringing us the next installment of Virtual Odyssey (in addition to the one he missed last month, but let’s not talk about that.)

Luke and Victiny are doing a collaborative article regarding the future of movie theaters and the potential of the VOD crisis.

And, of course, I, Sailor, will be talking more about Sailor Moon.

Aaaand, if you check back in like two hours or so, we might have another post for ya. As always, check by every Friday and the occasional Wednesday at around 6PM EST/3PM PST for more articles, in addition to the ones I just teased.
Okay now that that’s over, it’s time for that super secret announcement. We made a Discord server! We’ve built this blog on rambling about various media that interests us, but y’know what? Talking out of your ass about fiction was never meant to be a solo endeavor. So join us! You (and hopefully more people. Please join. We’re lonely.) can chat with us about movies and games and anime and all that fun stuff we talk about on the blog, and perhaps even have a hand in what we write about in the future? Question mark? Maybe? Eh? Guess you’ll just have to uhhhh, join the server and find out, huh?

Alright, that’s enough of that. Follow us here on WordPress and on Twitter for more updates, read my Sailor Moon articles, and check out the articles the other people here write if you have the time. Take care of yourselves. 

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