Quite a bit has happened since we last met, huh?
Unless this is the first post you’re seeing of us, in which case, hello!
The Story Arc enters into its fourth month of being operational. We’ve released 21 (now 22) articles, have seven regular writers, had a few posts that have broken the 100 view mark, and even have one that’s close to 500 (you people really seem to like softcore porn games. Hey, no judgement here.). You could say we’re uh…kind of a big deal. In honor of our modest success, we’ve decided to do a special article. Tune in on the 24th of this month to see all seven of our writers (and perhaps a guest or two) collaborate on an article. It’s gonna…not wow you, but y’know. It’ll be there.
In addition, as always, Jre will be releasing the next installment of Virtual Odyssey.

Skeith will be releasing an article on Fate (the series, not the concept).

Naa will be releasing an article on Drakengard.

Y’know, I’m…I’m not sure if this image is true.

On Earth day, Luke will release an article about Plants vs Zombies to show how much he cares about the environment.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, I, (Me. Sailor. Your dear friend.) will be releasing another article on Sailor Moon (and will try to do so every month.) Check out my last one.

Also, y’know. Some other stuff’ll be happening too. We update every single Friday, and occasionally on Wednesdays. So yeah. Stay safe out there, people.

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