Corona and the Pokemon TCG: What you need to know

What’s more valuable on the flippers market? A first edition base set shadowless Charizard or a pack of Charmins ultra strong? Well, amid Corona panic it might just be the latter. Hi! I’m Daniel, or Victiny, or whichever. With increasing misinformation and each day bringing more concerns to light (especially with the cancellations of major events like EUIC), here are some methods relevant to the Pokemon and other TCGs that can be helpful in avoiding “catching them all”

1.              Corona is not transmutable via money easily

According to “No, Coronavirus Is Not A Good Argument for Quitting Cash” by Mike Orcutt via, cash money is not a great conduit for the sickness. The virus is largely airborne, though it disperses after a few feet from the first cough. This is relevant as cards are handled similarly to paper money, and concerns may be that using the cards themselves in play could pose a risk. However, the virus itself would not survive long enough being on a single surface in a way that could seriously impose a chance of spreading the disease.

We all have a sense of community over something.

2.              Common courtesy isn’t worth contact over

Generally, when a game is begun, it is good manners to wish the other player “good luck” by shaking hands. However, this is a direct form of contact that opens the door for viral spread. Many players in higher level play even forgo the handshake, with an unspoken acknowledgement under the strict time limits of a standard tournament round. I believe that a hand wave, or some sort of gesture like that is in order so that you can still mean well while avoiding touching like, well, the plague.

Something like this probably isn’t needed for a best of three.

3.              Sleeves are a hotbed for grime

Speaking from personal experience, the standard pack of sleeves after a few rounds begin to accrue a sort of gunk on the back and inside the plastic. Generally that buildup is either dirt from in your bag/deckbox, or just straight up sweat from your pores. Hey, when you’re in a room with 100 other dudes with a time limit on each round, it’s bound to happen.  This, similar to your hands, can be remedied with hot water and a towel. It’s a tedious process, but keeping a deck or cards for display fresh increases the health factor, not to mention the longevity of the sleeves themselves.

Or just have the entire deck in these bad boys.

4.              If playing PTCGO, wipe down your keyboard regularly

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is already a decent service to test and play in an online experience. Well, it works anyway. This is recommended to get semi-regular experience even in a flu season, as you can still test meta decks in a service that’s only glitchy sometimes. If you do regularly use PTCGO or even if not, investing in a keyboard air-spray to reach crevices in the keys and a nearby container of wet wipes for the top part. If you have daily contact with your fingers touching the keys, the precaution is well warranted. Besides, you can just blame PTCGO if you start losing a game rather than being flu-stricken.

Easy way to never get grime on a key using one weird trick!

5.              Don’t be discouraged from playing a game you enjoy

The Pokemon TCG, and similar TCGs like it are about a sense of community. This is a hearty blow to face to face play, but other outlets exist. The community is adaptive like that. We just entered the exciting era of Sword and Shield base set, and the meta has shaped accordingly. So long as you keep up with hand washing and self-care, I believe there’s no need for excessive concern or panic. It is an intimidating time, but putting yourself in a proper mindset is what will preserve that sense of community.

When all else fails there’s always oovoo.

Orcutt, Mike. “No, Coronavirus Is Not a Good Argument for Quitting Cash.” MIT Technology Review, MIT Technology Review, 12 Mar. 2020,

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