The Story Arc enters its third month, offering yet more proof that we’re truly living in the darkest timeline.
So, you may or may not have noticed that there were a couple of scheduling hiccups last month. Our bad. We suck. But you knew that already. This time, the schedule is gonna be a bit looser so that if we screw up horribly, you won’t know about it.
It is our goal at the Story Arc to have articles out every Friday if we can manage it. So, with that being said, you can expect at least four articles out of us before the end of this month, unless something goes catastrophically wrong. If you would like a taste of what those articles are gonna be, fear not, we already have three articles written and ready to go.

Shred Talks About The Oscars

The Oscars were about a month ago, but every month is award season in Shred’s eyes. Let’s talk about why this was the best and most normal Oscars in years but still complete garbage.

I, Sailor, Talk About Sailor Moon

Fitting I know. If you’d like to see someone outside of the series’ intended audience talk way more than is necessary about its first three episodes, be sure to stick around.

And Skeith has written an article that is sure to have all of you wondering whether or not he’s finally gone off the deep end.
I shan’t even name it. Just keep your eyes peeled.

In addition to those three, DK and Luna, are in the process of writing new articles, and Jre is doing his best to beat Project X Zone and talk about it on the next installment of Virtual Odyssey. If we have more articles than there are Fridays you can expect to see extra articles on Wednesdays. So there you have it. New articles every Friday and occasionally on Wednesdays.

…And this month…we may have…one more surprise for you…

But maybe not. We’ll see.

Some of you may have noticed, but this is not the only version of this site. We actually have an identical website on Blogger, where we post all the same stuff. Being new at this and having no idea what we’re doing, we decided to test out both versions and see which one worked best. Well, after two months of doing that, we’ve come to a consensus. It’s this one. But hey, who knows. We may even go ahead and purchase our very own website soon (we’ve been looking into it, but no promises). Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know.

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