There are some who say there’s nothing new under the sun. It’s time we prove them wrong.

Since the beginning of human history, there have been explorers, inventors, and other great minds who have fearlessly pushed the boundaries of human achievement, broadening our horizons, and ceaselessly breaking new ground. Art has evolved from cave paintings to complex narratives played out on large cinema screens for the enjoyment of millions around the globe. Our ideas of the world around us, the universe, and each other continue to grow and change with each passing moment. The meaning of life and the question of where we belong in the universe is endlessly being explored with new and intriguing possibilities and answers being provided all the time.

However, in all of that time, with all of those minds, and all of that progress there is still one area that humanity has not yet explored. One invention that has not yet been made. One thing that humanity has not yet achieved…a pop-culture blog.

Yep, never been done, take our word for it.

And that is why we have decided to break new ground here today. Us revolutionaries, us…geniuses, are going on a bold and daring journey into the unknown. On this blog you’ll find discussion of all sorts of things. Movies, TV, Comic Books, regular Books, Video Games…you know what pop-culture is right? All of that stuff. Reviews, retrospectives, think pieces, discussions, and more. Old and new, mainstream and indie, widely-accessible or niche and weird, small scale and personal or of cosmic proportions? It matters not. If we have an opinion on it, we will write about it.

So who are we supposed revolutionaries? Well:

Luke. I always wants to talk about movies, TV, or whatever else comes to my head. Aspiring screenwriter. I’m a hopeless romantic who enjoys long walks on the beach, loves his cat, and hopes to one day have a drink with Jason Voorhees. Has probably seen more foreign movies than you.

Skeith. I play all the video games that you don’t care about and most of the time plays them more than the people who actually do care about them. I also watch anime that most anime watchers don’t talk about, but when he talks, boy will he go on and on without proper organization.

Jre Best. Yes, that last name is real and yes I have the ego to match it. Resident Comic and Wrestling know it all; I’ll try with all the flowery language in the world to convince you that all the dumb things I like are actually super important and smart. Hopefully, my mixture of 90’s movie sarcasm and ironic self-aggrandizement don’t prove to be as obnoxious via text that they are in real life.

Guthrie, aka “DK” and before I start, I have no relation to the “Donkey Kong” or the “Fast and the Furious” franchises. I’m a student from California who especially likes Manga & foreign comics, old games and indie games, and basically everything else I geek out about. I haven’t ever played a Donkey Kong game either.

I’m a woman of many names, but most call me Naa or Luna! I like video games, mostly stuff like Touhou or the MOTHER series, but also a lot of other stuff. I don’t really have a specific niche or anything I like to write about, so I’ll basically just throw out whatever. Look forward to my incoherent rambling!

And finally there’s me, Sailor. Hi. You might know of me from all of my no accomplishments. What do I do? Well, I want to be a writer. Not published yet though. What do I like? Well…everything. Any genre, any medium, doesn’t matter to me. I’ll give it a try. Will I like it? Maybe. Will I give it an honest shake? Definitely.
You might be thinking to yourself: Are any of these assholes qualified to give an opinion on storytelling in media? To that I would answer that being qualified doesn’t come from your qualifications. It comes from the heart. And we’ve got a lot of heart.

To give you an idea of the type of content you can expect from this blog, we’ve already got “The best games of 2019”, “What Will Happen to Bojack Horseman”, “A Review of Primal” and more coming down the pipeline. So, internet person. You’ve found this blog. You know what it’s about. And you know who’s running it. The question is…are you ready? The answer to that question is “Almost certainly”. The real question is: Are we?

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